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Jan 11, 2018

Deli opens in Aldape's Market - Lauglin, NV

Laughlin, NV

Aldape's Market has opened a Deli inside their store, which is located in the Town Center shopping complex in residential Laughlin.

Here are a few previews of the menu, courtesy of Michelle V.

The deli had a soft opening on January 11th and will be open Monday through Friday 5am until 7pm.  After the grand opening next month they are expecting to be open 7 days a week 5am until 7pm. 

All dates, times, prices, hours are subject to change by the property/business. Check ahead with them if you have questions or need more information. 

Aldape's Market is located on Needles Hwy in the Laughlin Town Center.   (Map below)

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LVMPD & Nevada Highway Patrol Reports for Laughlin - December 2017

Laughlin, Nevada 

Laughlin Town Advisory Board Meeting - January 9, 2017

Regular reports from various agencies, organizations and community services are reported at the monthly Laughlin Town Advisory Board meetings.  

Each month the Laughlin Substation of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department present the data for the previous month.

Lt. Jeff Hewes provided the following data handouts (3 pages pictured) at the meeting and provided these numbers:

Calls for service in Dec.  2017 for Laughlin:  397, compared to 374 in Dec. of 2016

In Laughlin 304 Citations were given in December (2017). This included 4 DUI's, 2 of which occurred on New Year's Eve. 

Calls for service at the Casinos Top 3 for December (2017):

  • Riverside
  • Edgewater
  • Aquarius
In Residential Laughlin the top 2 calls for service were at:
  • Riverwood
  • Vista Creek

Sgt. Raymond Hubbs with Nevada Highway Patrol also presented a report.  He reported the following data for Laughlin for December of 2017:

Calls for service:  105, compared to 101 last year
Traffic stops:  291, compared to 341 last year
Citations:  234, compared to 260 last year

There were 5 crashes compared to 7 last year.
No fatalities were reported for December 2017

Total arrests: 6.  1 was a DUI, 5 were for warrants    
They also did 16 agency assists

A new Trooper has finished his field training, and is expected to be on duty in Laughlin around 23rd of month.  

Thank you to Lt. Hewes and his entire staff, as well as the Nevada State Patrol Troopers for their dedication and commitment to and great job they do for the community. 

Attend the monthly Laughlin Town Advisory Board meeting to hear these and other reports.  The meetings are generally held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month unless a special circumstance requires a change.   Information and the agendas are posted here.  

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Where to watch the Super Bowl in Laughlin, NV

Laughlin, Nevada 

Where to catch Super Bowl LII in and around Laughlin, Nevada

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All dates, times, events are subject to change by the property or entity putting them on.  Check ahead with them if you have questions or need more information. 

Jan 10, 2018

Laughlin, NV 2018 Voter Registration

Laughlin, Nevada

Laughlin Voter Registration 

Laughlin - New residents, soon-to-be residents, or unregistered residents: 
Come to any of these voter registration sessions and register.

This information was presented at the January 9th Laughlin Town Advisory Board Meeting. You can also call Elizabeth Hunter at the number on the flyer if you have questions.

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Jan 7, 2018

Laughlin Town Advisory Board Meeting - January 9, 2017

Laughlin, Nevada

Laughlin Town Advisory Board Meeting

January 9, 2017   1:30PM

Come out to the Laughlin Town Advisory Board (LTAB) meeting.  Get involved and learn what is going on in YOUR community.  The public is welcome and there is also time set aside for public comment.  

There are many items on the agenda, which can be viewed or downloaded here.

Laughlin Town Advisory Board Members are: 
  • Stephanie Bethards
  • Kathy Ochs - Vice Chair 
  • James Maniaci -Chair 
  • Bruce Henry
  • Gina Mackey

Secretary: Tammy Harris, (702) 298-0828,

County Liaison: Brian Paulson, (702) 298-0828,

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Dec 28, 2017

Laughlin Visitor Volume up 7.6% in November (2017)

Laughlin, Nevada 

Laughlin, NV Visitor Volume for November was up 7.6% with 150,635 visitors compared to 140,006 in November of 2016.

For year to date numbers for 2017, Laughlin is up slightly by 1.4%  with 1,810,972  visitors compared to 1,786,612  in the same period in 2016.

Data from LVCVA website*

Gaming Revenue for November in Laughlin was also up by 4.93%Read more here

Meanwhile, Las Vegas Visitor Volume was down for the second month in a row--volume was -3.7% compared to November of last year. 

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for more information about the Laughlin area.  

All content of this article is for informational purposes only.  Source of statistics and charts are from : 
LVCVA (Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority)
Pictures by Laughlin Buzz unless otherwise credited.