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Jan 16, 2017

Laughlin In Photos - January 9-15 2017

Laughlin In Photos

In Case You Missed It -

Week in Review of pictures in and around Laughlin, Nevada
Januay 9th through 15th 2017 

Cheap Trick will be in concert at the E-Center at the Edgewater Casino in Laughlin on Saturday, April 29, 2017.  This coincides with the 2017 Laughlin River Run weekend.  

Newly elected Laughlin Town Advisory Board Members were sworn in at the monthly LTAB meeting. Stephanie Sue Bethards, Kathy Ochs (Vice Chair), Jim Maniaci (Chair), Bruce Henry, and Gina Mackey.
In-N-Out Burger opened at the Linq in Las Vegas to much publicity.   Laughin has had one since 2004.   
Laughlin In-N-Out
Linq In-N-Out

This week marked Friday the 13th and a Full Moon. 

Laughlin seemed to be under a dark cloud of deary weather, off and on rain and clouds all week.  There were a few good sunrises and sunsets in between. 

#ThingsYouSeeInLaughlin on the Riverwalk 

Check out more #ThingsYouSeeInLaughlin photos from our collection on Twitter here.  Or search using the hashtag #ThingsYouSeeInLaughlin 

Nominations for the 2017 Best of Laughlin Awards are now open!

We want your nominations for categories such as:
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-Casino Host
-Customer Service Employee
-Owner at a Small Business or Locally Owned Shop/Store
-Employee at a Small Business or Locally Owned Shop/Store

If you know of someone who you feel is deserving of an award
please nominate them.  Thank you.  Click Here

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Clark Gable & Carole Lombard in Oatman, AZ

Laughlin, Nevada, Oatman, Arizona

75 years ago, today on January 16th 1942, a plane crash killed actress Carole Lombard and 21 others near Las Vegas. Read more about this tragic crash here (from the LVRJ).

This story reminded us that Clark Gable and Carole Lombard spent their honeymoon at the Oatman Hotel in Oatman, Arizona. 

Or did they?

Picture by Laughlin Buzz 

We searched our photos from visits to Oatman in the past couple of years.

Picture by Laughlin Buzz 

The sign inside the Oatman Hotel says Clark Gable and Carole Lombard spent their honeymoon upstairs, on Mar. 18, 1939. 

Another sign indicates the Gable-Lombard Honeymoon Suite is upstairs. 

Picture by Laughlin Buzz 

After reading several articles about their marriage and the plane crash, we realized they were actually married on  March, 29, 1939  in Kingman, Arizona.   

Why does the sign at the Oatman Hotel say they spent their Honeymoon there on March 18, 1939?  

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

The MARCH 30, 1939 THE NEW YORK TIMES article about their marriage (which took place on March 29th - a Wednesday) shared that the couple planned to drive to Boulder City before returning to Hollywood (a Friday) so Clark Gable could resume work on the film "Gone With The Wind".  No mention of Oatman was made. 

According to author, Robert Matzen: 

Owners of the Oatman Hotel in Oatman, Arizona, claim that the Gables spent their honeymoon at the hotel following their March 29, 1939, elopement to nearby Kingman, Arizona. Further, it is claimed that the ghosts of the Gables haunt the hotel, even though evidence shows that Carole and Clark (on a rare day off from Gone With the Wind) were driven to Arizona, got married, and headed straight back to Hollywood in time for a next-morning press conference announcing their union at Carole’s St. Cloud Road home in Bel Air.


Clark Gable and Ria Gable were granted a divorce on March 8, 1939.   Just 21 days later Gable and Carole Lombard married on March 29, 1939

In an another article (excerpt) it was written: 

The day came sooner than expected, as Ria was granted a divorce on March 8,1939 in Las Vegas. Clark promised Carole that the first day he had off from filming Gone with the Wind, they would be married. The press was waiting for the wedding, camping outside their homes day and night.

Clark’s pal and MGM publicist Otto Winkler suggested Kingman, Arizona, a small town about four hundred miles away, where he had just been married. March 29 was the perfect date, as most of the press would be in San Francisco for a press junket for the new film The Story of Alexander Graham Bell. Clark, Carole and Otto headed out to Kingman at dawn. When they arrived in late afternoon, they went straight to the courthouse for their license, then to the church for the ceremony.

Despite claims that their wedding night was spent in Oatman, Arizona, the newlyweds drove home immediately afterward, arriving in Los Angeles at 3:00am. After a few hours sleep, the publicity department at MGM had arranged for them to have a “meet and greet” with the press on the front lawn. Clark answered most of the questions, usually with “No comment” as they got too personal. Carole giggled nervously. No matter which paper you read that covered the event, they all had the same conclusion: These two were smitten!


Another source wrote: 

During their nearly half-dozen years together -- both before and during their marriage -- Carole Lombard and Clark Gable frequently left Los Angeles for some getaways, staying in some secluded spot. One of them was not the Oatman Hotel in Arizona, where legend (not fact) states the couple honeymooned after marrying in nearby Kingman, Ariz., in March 1939. That claim has repeatedly been disproven.

After the wedding, held at the Methodist Church in town, the couple drove back to Los Angeles -- the story that they spent their honeymoon in nearby Oatman, Ariz. is strictly myth -- and quickly arranged an interview with reporters.


According to another page, CaroleandCo  there was a postcard published commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Gable-Lombard marriage, with the date March 18, 1939.  

At one time this postcard was for sale online but the link is now dead. 

Postcard front and back is shown below. 

Postcard pictures source:

A search result showed a pin also showing the 50th anniversary of the Gable-Lombard marriage, with the date March 18, 1939. 

Wen we visited Oatman, we did not actually go in and see the Honeymoon Suite.  It was closed for some reason at that time (or so the sign said)    

Photo by Laughlin Buzz 

A picture (below) shows the purported Honeymoon suite, complete with pictures of Gable and Lombard on the wall. 


Did Clark Gable and Carole Lombard actually honeymoon at the Oatman Hotel?   

If so, the dates are incorrect.   Perhaps, they did visit at some point, or Clark Gable did love the town and gambling with local miners.   

Regardless, all evidence seems to point to the fact that they were married on March 29, 1939 so a honeymoon in Oatman on March 18, 1939 would of been a bit premature.  

We may never really know all the details that are lost to history, but it is a nice story.

The Oatman Chamber of Commerce has no mention of Gable or Lombard on their web page as of this writing.

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This article is for entertainment and information only.  Information and pictures were sourced as credited and listed below.  Other information was from public searches.  
Robert Matzen
Carole and Co.
Dear Mr. Gable     

Righteous Brothers in Laughlin, Nevada

Laughlin, Nevada

The Righteous Brothers
Don Laughlin's Celebrity Theater - Riverside Resort
January 18th-22nd - Showtimes are at 7PM (NV time)

The Righteous Brothers popularity seems to have grown (again).  They have an extended residency starting February 7th at Harrah's Showroom in Las Vegas.  

This is a chance to catch them here, locally.  They played the Riverside last year and was a great show. 

Pictures credited to Randy Spate, who shard them in the Laughlin Buzz Facebook Group last year after the Righteous Brothers played at the Riverside Resort. 

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame duo of Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield topped the charts in four decades. Since Bobby's death, Bill Medley has joined with Bucky Heard, to bring the Righteous Brothers back to the stage.  

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*Information is presented as information only, subject to change by the venue.  Pictures of Righteous Brothers performing credit:  Randy Spate.   Riverside Sign photo by Kristin Ann. 

Jan 12, 2017

Southern Nevada Fishing Reports for January 2017 - Laughlin, NV

 Laughlin, Nevada

January 2017 

Southern Nevada Fishing Reports 

Excerpts for Laughlin, NV area. Save this page,updates to be added when a new report comes out. 

Photo by LaughlinBuzz.Com
Fishing in Laughlin, NV as a Water Taxi passes by. 

Southern Nevada Fishing Report - January 12, 2017
Source: Nevada Dept. of Wildlife

Reports from the river are slow, but one young angler recently caught her first trout while using a PowerBait mouse tail. She brought her catch into Rusty’s Riviera Marina to show it off. Water levels are fluctuating, so anglers should be careful of their footing while working along the shoreline.

Lake Mohave
Striped bass fishing has been hit or miss, though shore anglers have found success with cut anchovies. Watch for birds feeding on baitfish, and the bass won’t be far behind. Check the weather conditions before you head out, and watch for heavy rain and high winds.

Lake Mead
Despite unsettled weather conditions, the north end of Boulder Basin has had fishermen talking. Anglers are finding good action for striped bass at the mouth of Government Wash. Stripers and black bass are taking baits near Callville Bay as well. The striped bass are taking anchovies near the bottom. Be mindful of windy conditions.

Photo by LaughlinBuzz.Com
Early morning fisherman in Laughlin, NV 

Southern Nevada Fishing Report - January 4, 2017
Source: Nevada Dept. of Wildlife

Anglers are catching trout at the stocking sites just below Davis Dam and from there beyond Casino Row. Various colors of PowerBait, night crawlers and spinners are catching the fish. Rainbow trout-imitating swimbaits are a good choice for striped bass. Chicken liver caught the attention of a 14-pound catfish brought in near Big Bend State Park.

Lake Mohave
Anglers have reported good fishing for striped bass on the south end of the reservoir. Anchovies and swim baits have been fooling stripers in the Telephone Cove area and beyond. Smallmouth bass have been taking plastics along shelves.

Lake Mead
Black bass action is hit or miss from Callville Bay to Government Wash. Coves with shore vegetation outside of Callville Bay are great places to find that catch of the day. Striper fishing on the west side from Government Wash to Boulder Beach has been good from boats, while shore fishing has been slow. Unsettled weather conditions are creating hazardous conditions. Be sure to check the weather before heading out. Conditions can change quickly on the water.the Laughlin, NV area
for the Laughlin, NV area.

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Jan 11, 2017

IN-N-OUT opening at the LINQ is Old News in Laughlin

Las Vegas - (although this is really about Laughlin, Nevada)

To what seemed like much excitement, IN-N-OUT Burger opened today on the Promenade at The LINQ in Las Vegas.   

In Laughlin this was a bit of a yawn, as far as news. 

After all we have had an IN-N-OUT in Laughlin since March of 2004.  

Not to mention a drive thru.  Isn't food always better when it comes out of a window?     

We expected maybe the IN-N-OUT at The LINQ would be open 24 hours.  After all who could pass up a double-double and animal fries after a night gambling or in the club.   But, no, it looks like at this time the new one at The LINQ has the exact same hours as the one in Laughlin.  Latest closing is at 1:30 a.m. on the weekends.  

Since Laughlin and Las Vegas are both gambling towns, we know one bet we would take.  Pirce. 

IN-N-OUT at The LINQ is sure to have a higher prices on their menu (we will have to check that out). . 

Plus they will most likely even be nice enough to charge you to park to eat there.   Since they have no drive thru. 

Even if the prices are higher, The LINQ IN-N-OUT, is almost certainly will be less expensive and faster than most other places nearby.  With the high prices on the Vegas Strip that isn't a bad thing. Especially for families. 

There are also multiple other IN-N-OUT locations in the area.   


We probably will never go there, after all it is something we can get anytime, at home in Laughlin. 

The Laughlin IN-N-OUT is located right on Casino Drive by the Tropicana Laughlin.   

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Jan 10, 2017

Willie Nelson will be at Harrah's Laughlin for River Run 2017

Laughlin, NV

Willie Nelson will be in concert at the Harrah's Laughlin on Friday, April 27, 2017.  He will be performing during the 2017 Laughlin River Run weekend at the outdoor Rio Vista Outdoor Amphitheater.  

More info on tickets coming soon.

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