Jul 1, 2015

Laughlin Restaurant Inspections for June 2015

Laughlin, NV

Date of information:   July 1, 2015

Going out to eat for the 4th of July Holiday Weekend? 

Here are the latest Southern Nevada Health District Restaurant Inspection grades for June of 2015. This is public information posted on their website.

An "A" grade is the top grade an establishment can receive.  Generally if any grade less than an A is received the restaurant can and does have a re-inspection shortly thereafter after correcting any violations.

Keep in mind there is a lag time between when the inspections are performed and when they appear on the Southern Nevada Health District Website.  A restaurant may have been inspected or re-inspected (in the case of a low grade) since the data was posted.  When a reinspection is done the list of violations/demerits from the prior low grade is no longer viewable.

All restaurants are required to have their latest grade certificate displayed for the public to see.  If you don't see one, ask.

Note:  We do update this article when new/re-inspections are posted.

In the most recent inspections, one Laughlin restaurant is received a grade lower than an A.

The restaurant/inspections that fell below the A grade in June are detailed below:

Burger Boys -  Laughlin Mall Food Court
Grade:  B with 19 violations on 6-24-2015
Information posted below was on the SNHD as of July 1, 2015

The pic below shows the violations the inspector noted on 6-24-2015

A re-inspection should be conducted within a couple of days.  After contacting the owner we believe he has already addressed these issues.  Once the inspectors return in a a few days, we expect Burger Boys will be back to an A grade.  The owner stated the cause was due mostly to employee error.  He also shared that corrective actions have been administered, as well as upping cleaning regimen and methods to ensure that it doesn't happen in the future.

We have been to Burger Boys and love their food and prices.   See our latest review here.

Pint's Restaurant and Pint's Kitchen -  Colorado Belle Casino

Pint's Kitchen received a C Grade with 30 violations on 6-5-2015
Pint's Restaurant received a B grade with 19 demerits on 6-5-2015
Both have since been reinspected and carry a current A grade as of 6-11-2015
Information posted below was on the SNHD as of July 1, 2015

Pioneer Casino Inspections

It also look like one of our favorite places also ended up on the list with a not so great inspection.  

Bumbleberry Flats, which is where the Boarding House was, must still be listed in the SNHD records by their old name.   The Boarding House (now Bumbleberry Flats) received a C with 31 demerits on 6-3-2015 and on reinspection on 6-18-2015 was back to an A  grade.

You can visit the  SNHD  website to look up restaurants in Laughlin or anywhere in Southern Nevada. There is a search feature.  For Laughlin use Zipcode 89029.   

Keep in mind, once a restaurant has a re-inspection the original list of violations is no longer viewable. Once a  reinspection is done, the previous inspections go into that category.  

*All content in this blog post are presented for informational purposes only and use data taken from the Southern Nevada Health District website.   We received no compensation from the properties or restaurants in this blog post and are not in any way affiliated with them.  

25th Annual Oatman - Fry an Egg on the Sidewalk Contest

Oatman, AZ

Before you hit the festivals or other 4th of July activities in Laughlin, NV and the surrounding area, check out the annual Fry an Egg on the Sidewalk Contest in Oatman, AZ

Saturday, July 4th at 12 Noon. 

• 25th annual Sidewalk Egg Frying Contest, 12 p.m. on old Route 66 in Oatman

Each team of one cooker and two stewers will be provided with two official Oatman Chamber of Commerce eggs and given 15 minutes to fry them. Eggs must be fried using SOLAR POWER ONLY. The use of mirrors, magnifying glasses, aluminum foil and other "creative" aids are allowed. The most fried egg(s) in that time frame will be declared the winner. Prizes will be awarded.   
Cookers must provide their own utensils, as well as security from potential egg-napping burros. Cookers are also responsible for cleaning up their own area.
A pic of egg frying contest from a prior year
Photo credit:  dailymail.co.uk

 Oatman is small mining town along Route 66, not far from Laughlin, NV and Bullhead City, AZ.  A visit to Oatman is like traveling back to the old west, albeit with many shops filled with unique items.  

Plus don't forget to stop in the historic Oatman Hotel and staple your signed dollar bill to the wall (with the hundreds of thousands of others covering the entire restaurant.  

The town features real wild burros who wander freely and love to be fed, plus old time staged gunfights. 

It's going to be hot!  Bring plenty of water to stay hydrated.  

Visit Laughlin Buzz for more about the area.

*All content in this blog post are presented for entertainment and informational purposes only. Dates, events, times, etc. are the sole responsibility of the entity who provides them and is subject to change solely by them.  We receive no compensation from the properties, events, sponsors, groups, organizations, or restaurants mentioned or pictured in this blog post and are not in any way affiliated with them. 

Jun 30, 2015

All American Festival - 4th of July Weekend

Laughlin, Nevada

In addition to the two Fireworks displays going on in Laughlin this weekend,  the Colorado Belle Resort Casino will be hosting the All American Festival on the Laughlin Riverwalk.  

See details about the Fireworks here.

All American Festival
July 3-5, 2015
Free live entertainment by two bands on the Loading Dock Stage located just steps outside the Colorado Belle.   Music will be by the KK Martin Band and Jeremy James Band

An All American menu at the food booths will be available for purchase This will feature hot dogs, hamburgers, and of course your favorite beverages.

The Loading Dock Bar and Grille will also be re-opening after the current remodeling.

KK Martin

Visit Laughlin Buzz for more about the area.

*All content in this blog post are presented for entertainment and informational purposes only. Dates, events, times, etc. are the sole responsibility of the entity who provides them and is subject to change solely by them.  We receive no compensation from the properties, events, sponsors, groups, organizations, or restaurants mentioned or pictured in this blog post and are not in any way affiliated with them. 

Jun 27, 2015

Who has the Best Burger In Laughlin?

Laughlin, Nevada

Burger Boys
Laughlin Outlet Mall 

Burger Boys recently opened in the Laughlin Outlet Mall Food Court and has been the source of many Rave reviews in the Laughlin Buzz Facebook Group.   A short time ago the owner, Robert Hazlegrove even held a poll in the group to pick a favorite burger to be named the *Buzz Burger.

After our last two visits Burger Boys is now "Laughlin Buzz Approved".   Are they the best Burger in Laughlin?  It is very close but they are great burger at a nice price, so we would call it #1 right now.

The Burgers

Burger Boys edged out two of our other favorites, In-N-Out Burger, and  Daniels Restaurant (who won the Best Burger in Laughlin contest earlier in the year).  We even enjoyed it more than some of the higher priced burgers we like, such as the ones at Bumbleberry Flats.

The burgers are cooked to order and available with multiple choices of toppings, sauces.  This is in a true "have it your way" style.

Burger Boys Menu as of mid June 2015 

We only sampled the beef burgers, though we hear the salmon and turkey ones are delicious.  The burgers were cooked perfectly and seasoned well with a charred just off the grill taste.   You can add extra meat for a double, triple, anything you want.  No bun options, wrapped in lettuce are also available.  Just ask for what you want.

The fries, sweet potato fries, and zucchini sticks are very good, and a nice size portion at a good price.   They are cooked when you order so nothing is sitting under a heat lamp.

The Service

Remember--everything is made after you order it so it does take a little bit longer than your typical fast food or food court order--but well worth it.

On our first visit we almost got discouraged and left.  Two employees were busy talking and didn't even look up at us when we went up to read the menu and then order.  We felt like we were interrupting them.  There was no friendliness at all and more personal chit-chat during the cooking and preparation, so it slowed them down even more.   Luckily the burgers were really good or we may thought twice about visiting again.

On our second visit the service was outstanding and friendly.  It was a complete opposite of the first time and different staff.  Again it took a long time to get the order. But was worth the wait.

*Buzz Burger 

The Buzz BurgerAKA...the Sweet and sassy.
 Turkey burger with Teriyaki, Pineapple and Siracha.
Ask for it by name, it is on the "secret menu" of sorts.  
Substitutions are always welcome, for anything on the burgers, 
even the choice of the type of meat. 

 Other burgers you can request: 

Twisted Fish. Salmon burger with coconut lime slaw and a crunchy onion ring.

Bright side of life. Beef with cheddar and chili and a sunny side up egg

Hours are currently 10am to 8pm every day.  If you are looking for a burger, give Burger Boys a try.

Be sure to come back and leave us a comment or visit our Facebook Page and tell us what you thought.



*All content and pictures are presented for informational and entertainment purposes. The review was based on our own personal experience and the food was purchased by us, not comped by the restaurant.  Your results may vary. Time, events, menu items, prices, and dates are subject to change by the property responsible for them.  We are not affiliated with, nor do we receive any compensation from any of the properties or entities mentioned herein.   

Jun 24, 2015

2550 Casino Dr., Laughlin, NV - Pictures

Laughlin, NV

2550 Casino Drive
Laughlin, NV

Help show some Laughlin Pride.

This is the start of a campaign to get the empty lot and property on Casino drive between the Laughlin River Lodge and the Golden Nugget cleaned up.

The Laughlin town managers office recommended starting with Clark County Code enforcement by filing individual complaints with the public response office..(fire, safety, overgrown dead brush, trash, basicically an eye sore).

You can help by going online at this link and file a code violation/complaint:


or a faster way is to call  702-455-4191

Be sure to give the address of the property:  2550 Casino Drive 

The following are some pictures taken last week of the area in question.    It is an eyesore, filled with trash, broken glass, broken statues, overgrown brush and bushes, potential fire hazard, potential danger to the public, etc.  The fencing is damaged and the beach area previously off limits to the public is being used for various purposes.

This is their advertisement online for the property:

 These pictures below are what it actually looks like:

Click on the pictures for a larger view, and feel free to copy and share any of them with your complaint.

The lot previously used for concerts or events is now sitting vacant and starting to become overgrown with weeds.

This is right on Casino Drive between the Laughlin River Lodge and Golden Nugget and very noticeable.

The area in front of the lot right on the Casino Drive is neglected and often has trash littered about. 

Fencing on both sides of the lot is open, in disrepair in parts, and an eyesore. 

Next to the open lot is the Riverwalk path, old monkey statues and what used to be a beach area.  All are in terrible shape.



The owners of this property are located at:
1550 E. Missouri Avenue, Suite 300, Phoenix, Arizona 85014

Share this information everywhere you can and ask others to help by also filing the complaint form or calling the number.