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Dec 29, 2018

Laughlin November gaming win was down 0.24% to $42.1 Million

Laughlin, NV

The Nevada Gaming Control Board reported a Nevada gaming win of $967.1 Million for November of 2018 (compared to the same period in 2017)

Laughlin November gaming win was down -0.24% to $42.1 Million 

For the 12 month period from 12/1/2017 to 11/30/2018, Laughlin gaming revenue is up  3.66 % at $507.7 Million compared to the same period in the previous year. 

Gaming win in other areas of Clark County:

Las Vegas Strip                $534,486,415   up        10.03%  
Downtown Las Vegas      $55,419,976     up          2.19%  
North Las Vegas              $22,749,772     down    -4.73%  
Laughlin                          $42,129,359     down    -0.24%  
Boulder Strip                   $63,961,738     down   -12.20%  
Mesquite                          $11,624,916      up         8.09%  

Laughlin Gaming Win Percentages on page 19 of

Of the $42.1 Million gaming win in Laughlin, Slot machines accounted for $37.79 Million with the overall percentage win on the slot machines being 7.74%.   See the chart above for the breakdowns by slot denominations and the percentages for table/card games. 

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Dec 21, 2018

Laughlin Economic Development Corporation statement regarding new proposed Laughlin/BHC Bridge

Laughlin, Nevada

Press Release from the Laughlin Economic Development Corporation regarding a proposed, new second bridge between Laughlin and Bullhead City.  


“Community Partnership for Action!”

LEDC favors interstate transporation solutions

Dec. 21, 2018/For immediate use/Contact

“The Laughlin Economic Development Corporation does indeed support solutions for additional interstate transportation needs,” its Board of Directors concluded in a statement after meeting Dec. 17.

“The LEDC believes such projects, whether they are roads, highways, bridges, airline services, bus routes, railroads, or ferries, must be on an as-needed basis, with maximum benefit to all major segments of the involved communities. 

“The current proposed crossing is not the right location to obtain those maximum benefits, and after all these years, its final costs are still unknown. Simply squeezing a project down to less than desirable levels of service still leaves a problem. It may be a way out, but it is not the right answer to truly meet our needs. 

“Our previous statements always noted ‘at this time...with the (available) bridge funding,’ and with lack of written agreements to construct it, that it should not be at the proposed location,” the statement said.

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Riverside Resort & Don Laughlin - Opinion on Proposed, New Bridge

Laughlin, Nevada

On December 20, 2018, the Riverside Resort Hotel and Casino and Don Laughlin released the following letter regarding a proposed, new second bridge between Laughlin and Bullhead City. 

The text/content of the above letter is:


To Whom It May Concern: 
With the recent news and debates concerning the building of a third bridge between Laughlin and Bullhead City, I have been asked multiple times what my opinion, and the opinion of the Riverside Resort and Casino is with respect to this issue.

As I am sure you are aware, I built and donated the first bridge that connects Laughlin and Bullhead City which was a huge necessity and as such, could possibly see some benefits to building a third bridge in that it could provide an alternate route of travel should the existing  bridge become damaged or deemed inoperable, and would provide Laughlin residents more access to medical facilities in Arizona. That being said, there is also the alarming factor that has recently come to light, which is the increased cost of the bridge and the obvious disproportionate allocation of those costs that Laughlin would incur compared to Bullhead City. It is my understanding that some residents of Laughlin feel that the money proposed for the bridge would be better used for other projects that would benefit Laughlin more than a third bridge.

So, at this time, I stand neutral on the issue of whether a third bridge should be built or, for that matter, any other improvements that might be proposed for Laughlin in lieu of a bridge.

The one thing that I can say is that I have great relationships with both Laughlin and Bullhead City and hope for the benefit of both Cities, that this matter can be resolved in a timely manner as there has already been so much time and effort put into this issue.


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Dec 11, 2018

Santa in Laughlin, NV plus Oatman and Katherine's Landing

Laughlin, NV
Christmas 2018 

Laughlin Outlet Mall - One Day Only

Avi Resort Casino 
Mojave Crossing Event Center
Holly Jolly Christmas Event 

December 22nd 1pm-5pm (MST)

Santa Claus Meet and Greet 
December 15th  10-4pm 
Laughlin River Lodge - General Store
Free Event 

Photo and Cocoa with Santa
December 15th at the Crown Point Apartments Activity Center

Oatman (AZ)
December 15th
1:30PM (MST)


Katherines Landing - Lighting at the Marina

 Image may contain: one or more people

Sadly, the Laughlin Outlet Center DOES NOT have a Santa again this year. However, at Bon Worth in the mall, they will have a Santa on December 14th and 15th.  Stop by and bring your camera for a photo. 


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Dec 7, 2018

Proposed new bridge on the Laughlin Town Advisory Board Agenda for December 11th

Laughlin, NV

The next Laughlin Town Advisory Board (LTAB) meeting is December 11, 2018.

Come out to the meeting. Get involved and learn what is going on in YOUR community.   The public is welcome and there is also time set aside for public comment.  

One of the items on the agenda is:

Discuss status, cost/benefit, and feasibility of third Laughlin bridge project in relation to other Laughlin capital project needs, and recommend possible reallocation of existing project design and construction funds. 

See and Download the entire agenda for December 11

Laughlin Town Advisory Board Members are: 

Stephanie Bethards
Kathy Ochs - Vice Chair 
James Maniaci - Chair 
Gina Mackey
(one seat vacant)

Secretary: Tammy Harris, (702) 298-0828,

County Liaison: Brian Paulson, 
(702) 298-0828,