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Sep 28, 2013

Deserted Beach, Laughlin Style

Avi Resort Casino
Laughlin, Nevada

As we were driving past the Avi Resort Casino in Laughlin one morning and decided to stop in for breakfast. We don't visit this Casino as often as we would like to except for the (excellent) fireworks displays on Holidays or to see a movie at their Brendan Theater.  

The bridge that crosses the Colorado River from Nevada into Arizona (Fort Mohave)

We wandered out the doors past the pool to the beach area.  The pool only had a couple people at it but looked like a fairly decent pool area.  One nice feature along the river here is "Grass".   Being fall now, it was not as green as they keep it in the summer, but it was still nice to walk in barefoot.  We walked down the path near the bridge and then back to the beach area.  The weather was beautiful, sunny, mid 70's for a September morning.    This spot is very popular and busy during the summer, weekend, and on holidays.  Today we had our own private beach.

The Avi is about 10 miles from Laughlin.  Directly across from a golf course and KOA campground. The property has a private beach (for hotel guests), movie theaters, and a event center where they hold different shows and concerts.   

Overall it was nice to visit a "beach", desert style, even if it is at a Casino on the River instead of on the Ocean.   

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Sep 27, 2013

Laughlin Nightlife and Wildlife

Laughlin Nightlife...and Wildlife

 Recently, during a walk along the Laughlin Riverwalk at night, we encountered a dozen or so skunks and raccoons.  These are very often seen by the Edgewater Hotel and Casino and along the Riverwalk between the Edgewater and Aquarius.  

On this particular day we saw them everywhere, including a family of raccoons by the River Palms. These ones seemed very unafraid of people and we actually abandoned our walk and cut through the hotel to avoid them.    Unfortunately, upon seeing these animals on the Riverwalk, many people want to snap photo's of them or get up close to see them.  We were surprised how many people got within what we considered an unsafe distance of the skunks.

Worse yet were people who were feeding them.  One woman was intent on feeding a group of the wild (feral) cats that are also on the River and did not even notice two skunks come up behind her.  They joined the cats snacking on what she was tossing to them from a plastic bag.  Luckily she was able to walk away quickly.

For your own safety, and for others on the Riverwalk, enjoy seeing these wild animals from a distance.  Look at them, keep on moving, and leave them alone.   Feeding them is dangerous and makes them more of a nuisance.  This includes the stray cats.   Rabies, bites and being sprayed can become a reality.

Do Not Do This!

Photos of Golden Nugget Laughlin - Resort Images
This photo is from a picture on TripAdvisor

Other common sights along the River are various Lizards (often seen sunning themselves).

Cranes and other Birds 

And of course, pigeons, ducks, hummingbirds especially between the
 Aquarius and Edgewater and Colorado Belle Casinos

A hummingbird on the Riverwalk by the Riverside Casino

The Colorado Belle Koi Carp in the Moat.  
You can also see very large regular carp in the shallows of the River. 

Baby Koi Carp

Various Insects such as the invasion of Crickets that were present last spring.

Snakes are always a possibility as well.  We have only seen two in recent years.  One was sunning itself by the river in the part of the area area beyond the end of the Riverwalk (past the River Palms).

This area is not marked as no trespassing. The other one was a yellow one in our yard.  Didn't get a picture or identify either one.   It is very unlikely you will see one on the main part of the Riverwalk.  

And of course, prior to her demise, Moola the Regency Cow

and the Big Monkeys holding Torches

Enjoy the sights, the wildlife, the beauty, the scenery along the Riverwalk, but please do not feed the animals!

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MOOmorial for Moola at Regency Casino

Laughlin, Nevada

Regency Casino

The MOOmorial for Moola (the Regency Casino mascot that was cownapped after the River Regatta) is officially scheduled for this Saturday, September 28th at 33 0pm at the Regency Casino.    See the story about the cownapping.

The missing cow mystery was solved when cow body parts were discovered at an Arizona 
Landfill and were positively identified the remains to be those of MOOLA (minus the head).  
RIP (Rest In Pieces) to MOOLA.

Rev. Dana Banning will be officiating and Black and White attire is suggested. Beef and Cheese snacks will available to those in attendance. Flowers arranged by Bullhead City Florist.   Feel free to drop by to show your respects.

Moola as she was so often seen on the Laughlin Riverwalk


Sep 26, 2013

2013 Community Achievement Awards

Laughlin, Bullhead City, Fort Mohave

The 2013 Community Achievement Awards are coming up very soon.  The banquet will be held October 5th at the Aquarius Casino Resort. Tickets for the event, sponsored by Valley View Medical Center, are on sale now at the Laughlin Chamber of Commerce, 1585 South Casino Drive in Laughlin. 

 The finalists for 2013 are:

Youth Citizen of the Year - This category recognizes young leaders in their senior year of high school. Each final four nominee will receive a $500 scholarship, with the top achiever receiving a $1,000 scholarship.

JD Gish - Mohave High School

Megan Irgens - Mohave High School

Kristin Ann Johnson - Laughlin High School

Dawson Rickets - Mohave High School

Tourism - This award is reserved for an individual who has positively impacted the tourism industry in the Tri-state area, giving their time and energy to enhance the region’s number one industry.

Mark Sterbens - VP Marketing E-Center, Edgewater and Colorado Belle Casino Resorts

Tom Gallant- Around the River Publishing & Producing, Inc.

Jeff Pfeiffer -GM Colorado Belle and Edgewater Casino Resorts

Golden Nugget Valet - Golden Nugget Laughlin

Civic Service - This honor is given to a local leader working for little or no pay. It is dedicated to individuals on community or civic boards assisting local government agencies and making less than $2,500 annually for their extra efforts.

Fred Doten - Laughlin Town Advisory Board

Sheila Shutts - City Council Bullhead City

James Vincent - Laughlin Town Advisory Board

Jim Watt - Laughlin Chamber VIP Liaison

Public Service - This award honors law enforcement, firefighters, emergency service workers, city or county staff members, department heads or paid elected or appointed positions representing the Bullhead City, Laughlin or Mohave Valley area.

Tim Atkins - Justice of the Peace Laughlin

Emily Fromelt - Public Information Officer and Investigative Assistant, Property Crimes Unit, Bullhead City Police Department

Rodney Head - Chief of Police, City of Bullhead City

Deborah Murray - Community Development Manager, Laughlin Town Managers Office, Clark County

Humanitarian Award - This award recognizes compassionate people that are dedicated and committed to community service by donating their time, talents and money to not-for-profit organizations.

Bobby DeBatt - Substance Abuse/Domestic Violence Programs Coordinator, WestCare Arizona

Kellie Boff - Administrative Assistant, Mohave County Supervisor Hildy Angius

Patty Osterhout - Director of Hotel Operations,Golden Nugget Laughlin

Stacey Stutsman - Systems Advocate, WestCare Arizona

Community Service Organization Award - This award is for an active non-profit organization in our communities making contributions to the less fortunate.

Richard Springston American Legion Post 60 - Laughlin

Volunteers In Partnership - Laughlin

Senior Circle - Bullhead City

Rotary Club of Laughlin - Laughlin

Social Service Organization Award - This award is for a non-profit organization that directly provides necessary services for our youth, seniors or less fortunate residents in an effort to improve their quality of life through innovative projects or offerings.

Boys and Girls Club Colorado River - Laughlin and Bullhead City

Colorado River Women’s Council - Bullhead City

Tri-state Military Moms - Bullhead City

Entrepreneur of the Year Award - This award honors a person or persons of a business enterprise who makes money through risk and initiative - A person who is willing to take a chance and attempts to make a profit in the business world.

Ginny Clem - Origami Owl

Deann Lucchino - Stepping Stones Childcare

Tony Inglese - Principal Financial Group

Richard Brindisi - Rio Solare

Small Business of the Year - This award honors one for-profit, privately-owned small business (under 100 employees) setting an example for other businesses to follow by making outstanding contributions to community improvement projects through in-kind or monetary support.

Maddog Fitness - Bullhead City

Mattress Land Furniture - Bullhead City

Mohave Steakhouse - Bullhead City

Tri State Ace Building Materials - Bullhead City

Large Business of the Year- This award honors one for-profit, large business providing a much needed service to the area, making outstanding contributions to community projects and or setting an example for other businesses to follow.

Aquarius Casino Resort

Golden Nugget Laughlin

Western Arizona Regional Medical Center

Tropicana Laughlin

‘Green’ Business of the Year - This award was first introduced last year and is meant to recognize the importance of creating a ‘green’ environmentally friendly model in business operations. This business utilizes a strategy or strategies fostering energy efficiency, energy sustainability, recycling and or reutilization programs.

Combs Brothers Recycling

Desert River Kayak

Communications - This award is reserved for an individual, rather than an organization or business. It will honor someone in public relations, broadcasting or journalism that has made significant contributions in their field of endeavor in the Tri-state area.

Julie Fairman - Editor, Laughlin Nevada Times

Dustin Markovitz - Co-host, Journalist, Bowling

Cat Smith - Reporter, Mohave Daily News

Citizen of the Year - This is the highest honor and is awarded to an individual who fits into many of the other categories but is deserving of much more. This person has contributed selflessly to the Bullhead City, Laughlin and Mohave Valley communities by donating time, money, resources and/or public service work and has achieved significant respect both personally and professionally from their peers.

Lorrie Duggins - Community Services Officer, Bullhead City Police Department

William Knowles - Electronic Tech, Harrah’s Laughlin

Tim Atkins - Justice of the Peace, Laughlin

Sam Medrano - Councilman, City of Bullhead City

Tickets are $75 per person, for more information call 702-298-2214.

Sep 21, 2013

Pioneer Casino: Light up River Rick!

Laughlin, Nevada - Pioneer Casino

After hearing many people complain about burned out lighting on the iconic River Rick sign we walked past recently to check it out.

River Rick is the name of the neon sign that resembles a cowboy.  He was erected at the Pioneer Hotel & Gambling Hall in 1981 and resembles his "brother" Vegas Vic.  Vic is located on Fremont St. in Las Vegas.

River Rick and Vegas Vic comparison
(from Wikipedia)

As we had heard the sign looks terrible at night.  Without the lights during the day it looks fine.


On the Laughlin skyline River Rick it is one of the most noticeable attractions, both from the River and the Casino Drive Strip itself.  

On our recent visit (mid September 2013) over half the lights on on side of the cowboy were dark. The face looks like it is stuck in a grotesque distortion due to the burned out bulbs.   In addition, burned out lights that should say  HOTEL AND GAMBLING HALL now read  HO BLING.  Not a very good message for visitors to see.

The other side of the sign is lit up slighly more, but from a distance the silhouette wouldn't look as it should. On this side the place is called a HOTEL AMBLI HALL. 

This state of despair, in this writers opinion, shows a lack of pride and management.  Certainly it is no way to present a first image and impression of your Hotel and Casino.  Visitors seeing the burnt out sign may wonder about the quality of the rest of the property.   That topic will be saved for another post.  

 The tallest sign in Laughlin is also the Pioneer Casino sign just off of Casino Drive  This too needs maintenance on the lights.   One side is fine.  It is all lit up and features various scrolling messages under the word PIONEER.

The other side of the same sign though has burned out letters.  This looks terrible and speaks to the priorities and management of the property -or- perhaps the financial situation of the owners. 

In general the Pioneer seems to keep their section of the Riverwalk in pretty good shape.  Well groomed, landscaped, large lights lining it all work, and clean.  They even have periodically stained the wood rails.  The clock is apparently broken though and displays the wrong time. 

Sometimes it is attention to details that count.  Prompt attention.  For instance a sign that is placed at the entrance to their section of the Riverwalk (just past the Colorado Belle) has been torn and hanging for a couple weeks.   No one can fix or take this down?

The Pionerr Hotel and Casino was purchased in 2004 by its current owner Archon Corporation. See their stock performance here

We implore them to take pride in the area.  Restore River Rick and their signage with some new bulbs or repairs.  Help improve the visual aspect of the Laughlin Riverwalk, Casino Drive, and even your Hotel. 

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Fire outside the Pioneer

Pioneer Breakfast Buffet Review

Owner of Pioneer Casino, Archon Corp gets a bid from Esplanade Capital LLC for $107 million

Loading Dock Bar and Grille

From the Colorado Belle / Edgewater Media Release


LAUGHLIN, NV--Construction of the Loading Dock Bar & Grille, a new casino level restaurant at Colorado Belle Casino Resort, begins August 22nd and is scheduled for completion on February 15th, 2014.  The restaurant will occupy what is currently the "bow" of the "boat" and seat approximately 250 guests.  Offering both indoor and outdoor seating, the restaurant will feature free live entertainment, two bars, and an open fire grill.  The restaurant's menu will reflect the regional nature of the restaurant, and will offer Southwestern, Tex-Mex and Barbecue selections including beef, seafood, chicken and pork dishes, Black Angus Steaks and chops. 
Overall d├ęcor will be a river culture-warehouse style with photos of riverboats from the turn of the last century and utilizing raw steel, aged paint, vintage stencils, repurposed wood, polished concrete, oxidized metal, galvanized metal, weathered nautical rope and props and artifacts that will give the Loading Dock a unique authenticity.     
The restaurant will feature two bars, dining room/buffet and patio that seats up to 92 guests.  Signs and materials in the entry way will promote the restaurant's "4 Basics", branding the quality meats that will be featured.  The main dining room will be open with a 15' tall exposed deck ceiling with floating wood shipping pallets and exposed vintage-style lights hanging from exposed conduit.
An eclectic menu will feature crowd-pleasing specialties including the restaurant's Signature items—Chicken, Beef and Shrimp Fajitas, Jumbo Grilled Shrimp, Barbecued Baby Back Ribs, Carne Asada Tacos, Spicy Shrimp Diablo and hand-made tortillas.  Diners will also enjoy Tequila Lime Chicken, Tex-Mex selections like Seafood Enchiladas, Baby Back Ribs and Barbecued Salmon, and a variety of sandwiches, burgers, tacos, soups, salads and mouthwatering appetizers and desserts. 
The bar area will have all the trappings of a vintage warehouse, but will feature 42" plasma monitors for guests to follow sporting events.  An expansive exterior glass wall overlooking the river, will have a sliding partition system to allow the entire corner of the dining room to open up to the patio outside. The patio will be accented with vintage-styled cage light sconces, industrial ceiling fans, and the entire length of the 100' long patio along the river will be covered with string lights filled with retro-style light bulbs to provide the perfect ambient glow for drinks at dusk. Adding to the experience is an outdoor stage overlooking the Colorado River. Two beer bars will flank the stage.
"The Loading Dock Bar & Grille is unlike anything Laughlin has ever seen. We've combined the highest quality meats with freshest ingredients and great flavors to give our customers a spectacular open grilled dining experience," said Jeff Pfeiffer, Sr. Vice President/General Manager.  "We chose the loading dock concept because the loading docks on riverboats were the heart of commerce in cities and the arrival point of new and exciting goods.  Colorado Belle's Loading Dock will be the center of entertainment, great dining and a gathering place for guests to enjoy. It's a game changer."
While the construction of the restaurant is expected to take several months, the property will take extensive measures to make guests and visitors comfortable throughout the construction period, providing guests with easy access to hotel rooms, parking and the Edgewater, Colorado Belle's sister property. 

The Colorado Belle and Edgewater Casino Resorts are owned and operated by Marnell Gaming, LLC, a limited liability corporation which owns gaming establishments in Laughlin, Nevada. The corporation develops, expands and acquires gaming-related properties and is focused on providing a unique portfolio of gaming offerings to its guests.     

See Pictures and Video of the Construction under way for the new Loading Dock Bar and Grille in Laughlin at the Colorado Belle Hotel and Casino.    

Sep 20, 2013

Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall in Laughlin, NV

The Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall will be in Laughlin, NV  over Veterans Day weekend, November 8-11, 2013.

The wall will be at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino and the event/viewing is free to the public and will include the opportunity to make make rubbings of names of fallen loved ones.  The Traveling Vietnam Wall is  370 ft and a replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall located in Washington D.C. The traveling wall contains all 53,253 names as inscribed on the original wall. 

The wall will be located in the north lot of the property.
Visit the Tropicana website for more information here.

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Watch for more updates about Veterans Day events around Laughlin.

Video of Lee Greenwood who stopped in at Laughlin at last year's Veterans Day Festival.

Sep 17, 2013

Gold Rush Villa at the Golden Nugget Laughlin

Over the summer we noticed construction activity at the Golden Nugget along the Riverwalk, just past the pool.    We wondered what was going in that area.  

Now the Golden Nugget has announced the opening of the new "Gold Rush Villa".  

This is a welcome addition. We applaud the Golden Nugget for this creation. It is refreshing to see something new and unique for the Laughlin area.   No other properties have a similar accommodation. 

The three bedroom, 2,900 square foot villa is right on the Laughlin Riverwalk and overlooks the Colorado River.  Featured are a full kitchen, bar, living area, private courtyard, and private garage.

**Update**  October 21, 2013:  New pics of the exterior of the Gold Rush Villa and the newly cleaned up shoreline just in front of it.   See them here

Read the Golden Nugget press release about the new Villa here.

Contact the Golden Nugget Laughlin for availability and pricing. 

Just recently the Golden Nugget exterior had a nice face lift.  Looks wonderful!

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