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Feb 1, 2023

Laughlin Visitor Numbers for December (2022) Drop by -1.6%

Laughlin, NV

 December Visitor Volume in Laughlin, as released by the LVCVA, showed a drop of -1.6% for December of 2022 compared to December of 2021.    

Visitor numbers remain far below the last year (2019) when there was no impact from the pandemic.  Comparing the number of visitors in December 2022 to the number of visitors in December 2019, Laughlin is down ‐35%   

Totals and comparison of visitor numbers by year: 

December 2022  75,000 visitors   

December 2021  76,000  visitors

December 2019  116,300 visitors  (no COVID-19 Pandemic)

For the calendar year 2022 the Laughlin visitor count was up up slightly by +0.6% compared to 2021, but still down ‐33.3% compared to 2019. 

Laughlin Yearly Visitor Numbers 

2022:   1,220,200   Visitors  

2021:   1,213,310   Visitors 

2019:  1,829,700  Visitors

The average daily room rate in Laughlin for December 2022 was $5250.   In December of 2021 it was $50.01.  Most Laughlin Casino/Hotels also charge a Resort Fee. 

The number of passengers coming into the Laughlin/Bullhead Airport (from chartered flights ) was even (+0.00%) for the month of December compared to December of 2022.   

Source of data 

Gaming Revenue in Laughlin was up for December of 2022 by 7.9%   Read More Here.

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Laughlin Casino Gaming Revenue up by 7.9% for December 2022

 Laughlin, Nevada

Laughlin Casino gaming revenue for December 2022, as reported by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, was up 7.9%  (compared to December of 2021).

Revenue for December 2022 compared to December 2021: 

Laughlin gaming win in December 2022:   $32,294,597

Laughlin gaming win in December 2021:   $29,931,411

Visitor Counts were down by -1.6% for the month of December 2022. 

Read all the visitor statistics here.

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Cheech and Chong Coming the Edge Pavillion in Laughlin

A Moderated Conversation with Cheech & Chong

March 25, 2023

The Edge Pavilion (formerly the E Center) at the Edgewater Casino Resort

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Laughlin Casino's Net Income for Fiscal Year 2022

 The Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) released its annual Gaming Abstract, which provides a 12-month fiscal summary of Nevada casinos' performance across their business channels.

The casino sector in Nevada had a successful year in 2022, reaching a new high in net income from gaming, hotel rooms, food and beverage, and entertainment.  Overall, Nevada Casinos Set New Record with $4.12B Net Income in the 2022 Fiscal Year.

How did Laughlin Casinos Do?

Laughlin Casinos Net Income was up +33.4% at $81,203,308. 


Gaming Revenue  $379,025,802  +7.5%

Total Revenue   $663,588,898  +12.0%

Net Income/Loss $81,203,308   +33.4% 


Total Revenue Breakdown:

Gaming         $379,025,802 57.1%

Rooms         $123,640,651 18.6%

Food $56,702,297 8.5%

Beverage $60,057,551 9.1%

Other         $44,162,597 6.7%

Gaming Revenue Breakdown: 

Table Games (Includes Keno and Bingo)  $38,752,426          +10.2

Slot Machines          $482,651,365          +127.3

Card Games (poker, pan, etc.)          $2,880,891  +0.8

Race Book          $46,295           0.0

Sports Book                  $201,090  +0.1

Contra Revenue (Complimentary Expense)  (145,506,265)  (38.4)


Room Revenue Breakdown: 

Room Sales         $67,843,285 +54.9

Complimentary Room Sales         $58,117,931 +47.0

Contra Revenue (Complimentary Expense) (2,320,565) (1.9)


Food Department Dollars:

Food Sales     $41,905,853 +73.9

Complimentary Food Sales     $15,982,728 +28.2

Contra Revenue (Complimentary Expense) (1,186,284) (2.1)

Total Revenue     $56,702,297  

Cost of Sales             $18,683,234 +32.9

Gross Margin             $38,019,063 +67.1

Totals for Room Occupancy for Fiscal Year 2022

Rooms Available 2,701,282 

Rooms Occupied 1,440,127 

Percentage Occupied +53.3

Average Room Rate Per Day $87.47


The abstract report only includes casinos that grossed at least $1 million in gaming revenue during the fiscal year 2022. 296 casinos met this benchmark.  These casinos generated net income of $4.12 billion on revenue of $26.36 billion, a significant rebound from 2021's loss of $206.5 million on revenue of $16.1 billion.   The entire Gaming Abstract can be read a


Fiscal Year 2022 - The fiscal year for gaming revenue for Nevada from the Gaming Control Board is from July 1st to June 30th.

“Total revenue” is the money spent by patrons on gaming, rooms, food, beverage, and other attractions. 

“Net income/loss” is the money retained by casinos after expenses have been paid but prior to deducting federal income taxes and prior to accounting for extraordinary expenses.

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