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Oct 28, 2017

Caesars to Charge Nevada Residents for Self Parking

Caesars Entertainment Loves Locals! 

Caesars Entertainment says as of November 2, 2017 they will charge locals (all Nevada residents) for self parking at their Las Vegas strip properties. 

Unless you are a Platinum or Higher Card Holder with their Total Rewards loyalty program, 
Self Parking will no longer be free at:  

  • Casears Palace
  • Flamingo
  • Cromwell
  • Harrah's
  • the LinQ
  • Bally’s
  • Paris.

Self-parking will continue to be free at Rio, which is off strip.  

For now self parking will remain free at Planet Hollywood. Only because their parking is operated by the Miracle Mile Shops.  Watch for that to change in the future too. 

The good news, not so good news? 

Self Parking fees will not kick in for 60 minutes after you arrive. Considering the 10-15 minutes it takes to and from your car, that gives you barely enough time to run in and place a bet on the "sure thing" in the 4th at Santa Anita or put the rent money on Red or Black.  
Valet rates are not affected by this recent change to self parking fees.

These rates are all subject to change by Caesars Ent. at any time.  
You can see the rates published by Caesars Ent. at: 

Self Park

Caesars Palace
1 to 4 hours:  $10
4 to 24 hours: $12

Paris, Bally’s, the Cromwell, Flamingo, the Linq and Harrah’s
Up to 60 minutes: Free
1 to 4 hours:     $7.00
4 to 24 hours:    $10.00
Over 24 hours:    $10 for each additional day or fraction thereof

Valet Parking

Caesars Palace
1 to 4 hours: $15
4 to 24 hours: $20

Paris, Bally’s, the Cromwell, Flamingo, the Linq and Harrah’s
Up to 4 hours: $13.00
4 to 24 hours: $18.00
Over 24 hours: $18 for each additional day or fraction thereof

Solution - Go off strip, put up with the Rio, or come to Laughlin where
parking is always free!    

Plus, there are no resort fees in Laughlin...well except for at Harrah's Laughlin, which is owned by guess who?  Caesars Entertainment. 


All details, parking fees, etc.are subject to change by the owner of the properties.

Oct 27, 2017

Laughlin River Lodge - 1st Annual Classic Car Show

Laughlin, Nevada

Laughlin River Lodge Hotel and Casino
1st Annual Classic Car Show
November 3rd and 4th 2017


Friday 10am-6pm
Live music by DJ Ricochet  12pm-4pm

Saturday 7am-5pm
Live Music by DJ Ricochet 10am-2pm

Free Admission to the Car show.
Open to the Public
Food and Drinks will be available for purchase.


All details of the event are subject to change by the owner.   

Oct 24, 2017

Jackpot Joanie's Opens in Laughlin, NV

Laughlin, Nevada

Jackpot Joanie's quietly opened in Laughlin, NV on Friday, October 20th.  

We dropped in for a visit over the weekend, played a bit, and took a few pictures.

Jackpot Joanie's is located on Needles Hwy in the Laughlin Town Center.  This is about 4 miles+ from Casino Drive.   This is the prior location of Alberto's restaurant and lounge.  They will be open 24 hours.  

The place is spacious and has video poker/keno machines on the top of a bar type structure.  It isn't actually used as a bar in the traditional sense because the drinks are located in a different location behind it.  Staff just comes around to players and checks if you want a drink.  Drinks are comped while playing. 

They do have a players card.  When we were there if you earned 100 points you received $10 in free play.  It is given right on the machine.  This is most likely a one time thing for when you first get your card.  Points accumulated can also be redeemed at the machine for additional play (similar to how the machines in Dotty's/Laughlin River Lodge work).  

There is plenty of space at the bar and also tables set up to the right of it.   A bar food type menu is available with good prices.   Keep in mind this is designed to be a gaming place, not a restaurant even though food is served.   Under the type of restricted license these types of places obtain they can have up to 15 machines and have to make food available. 

They have multiple TV's displayed throughout the place and are planning on showing the various games and sporting events. 

They were not serving food yet when we were there but should be now.  Were waiting on approval/inspection.   Below is the menu.   

There are multiple other Jackpot Joanie's locations in the Las Vegas area.   

Staff was wonderful, welcoming and very friendly.   We welcome the new place in Laughlin and wish them the best. We definitely will be back to try some things off their menu and see how the business evolves.  Keep in mind if you go--this is their first week and give them some time to get things going.  All new openings take some time to get flowing.  

 Connect with us on Social Media at:  

All information presented is subject to change by the owner/business.   

Oct 21, 2017

Laughlin Leadership Forum - October 26, 2017

At the beginning of the forum a short time has been set aside for community members to give their input on the new, proposed River Park in Laughlin.   

It is important to get ideas and input while this is in the design phase.  If you cannot make the meeting, you can vote and submit your ideas for features in a poll here.

Secretary of State, State Senator visit set for Oct. 26 for Laughlin Leadership Forums

Contact or 505-879-3142
For immediate use

LAUGHLIN -- Nevada Secretary of State Barbara K.Cegavske is expected to make a major announcement concerning Laughlin voters, and 12th District State Senator Dr. Joe Hardy is expected to talk about how he has helped Laughlin projects, when they speak at the (Thursday, Oct. 26) Laughlin Leadership Forum at 5 P.M.

The public is invited to hear and visit with them at the Richard Springsten American Legion Post 60 meeting hall. The Post is located on Bruce Woodbury Drive, a half-mile east (downhill) of Needles Highway, in Upper Laughlin.

Cegaske also is expected to explain the multiple functions of her office. Dr. Hardy, whose district includes Laughlin, also is expected to talk about the next session of the Nevada Legislature. Under the Nevada Constitution, the two houses meet for 120 days from early February to early June of odd-numbered years.

Cegavske, Nevada’s 17th Secretary of State, assumed her office on Jan. 5, 2015. Before that she was the 8th District State Senator for 12 years.

Previously, she served in the Nevada Assembly from 1996 to 2001. According to her legislative biography, she was educated in Rochester, Minnesota, and what is now College of Southern Nevada. 

“I have lived in Nevada since 1974. Even though I came from a humble background (born in 1951) in Faribault, Minnesota, I have long considered Nevada my home. I am immensely grateful for the many opportunities that have presented themselves since I moved here,” she said.

She and husband Tim have 2 sons, Adam and Bret, who were born and raised in the Vegas Valley, and graduated from Clark County high schools, UN-R and UN-LV, respectively, and are now raising their own families in the Vegas Valley.  The Cegavskes now have 6 grandchildren.

“My parents were small business owners. After school and during my summer vacations, my brothers, sisters and I all helped in the family business. This was my introduction to business and the free market system. The first-hand knowledge I learned was to be a tremendous asset when Tim and I became owners of a 7-Eleven franchise. During the 13 successful years we ran the franchise, we faced the same challenges that all small business owners face on a daily basis. It was an amazing and enjoyable experience. We also learned of some of the onerous regulations in place that put burdens and disincentives to grow and thrive,” she said.

Senator Hardy was born in 1940 in Reno. He began his state legislative career in November 2002 as a member of the Nevada Assembly, moving to the Senate in 2010. His first elected office was as the Student Body President of Sparks High School. His next step was to be elected to Boulder City’s City Council where he served as Mayor Pro Tempore. 

In his state career he has become a champion of Laughlin’s interests.

In the 2017 legislative session, Senator Hardy served on the Commerce, Labor, and Energy; Government Affairs; and Health-Human Services Committees.

After earning his bachelor’s degree at the University of Nevada-Reno, he earned his Doctor of Medicine at Washington University (St. Louis, Mo.) in 1976. He was honored as the Nevada Family Physician of the Year in 1998 and 2010. He also has taught at Touro University Nevada’s School of Medicine, and been Chief of Internal Medicine and Family Practice, as well on the Board of Directors of St. Rose Dominican Hospital in Henderson.
Dr. Hardy has served on the Southern Nevada Health District Board of Trustees. A member of Boulder City’s American Legion post, he also has been active in the Boy Scouts of America, and the Boulder City Chamber of Commerce where he sponsored the LEDC as a member.

Retired from the U.S. Air Force as a major, he returned in early October from a reminiscing visit to France where he had served as a missionary for the Mormon Church.

Hardy and wife Jill have eight children including Clark County District Court Judge Joseph Paul Jr., Nicole, Emily, Leah, Spencer, Dane, Jack, Ryan, along with 20 grandchildren.

Barbara Cegavske,
Nevada Secretary of State

Joseph (Joe) P. Hardy,
12th District Nevada Senator


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Oct 20, 2017

Shrimp Cocktail in Laughlin, not 99 cents but still good!

Laughlin, Nevada


We recently had a shrimp cocktail at two spots in Laughlin, NV.  The first picture is of the one we had at the Big Easy in the Colorado Belle.   The second picture is from the Westside Cafe at the Riverside Resort.  They serve the same one at the Sidewalk Cafe at the Riverside as well.  The Sidewalk Cafe shrimp cocktail did win the 2015 Best of Laughlin award. The good news is the price hasn't changed since 2015.  

Which one was better?

The Big Easy shrimp seemed slightly bigger.  While it was good, the texture was too soft.  The cocktail sauce was served on the side and was did not have enough bite too it.  Saltine crackers were available on the condiment bar.  Price $5.99

The shrimp cocktail from the Riverside was less expensive and there were more shrimp of better quality.  The sauce was very good.  It was heaped in with the shrimp like in the old days.   Saltine crackers were included.  Price $3.50   

Our pick would have to be the one at the Riverside, better quality shrimp, cocktail sauce, and price.   We liked the one at the Big Easy but feel the price is a bit high.  We did use our comps to pay for it, so that made it seem better!

The Shrimp Cocktail at the Cove Lounge in the Aquarius has won Best Shrimp Cocktail in the 2016 and 2017 Best of Laughlin Awards.  

However, the Cove Lounge Shrimp Cocktail is a high end sit down restaurant style.  They are really good, extra large shrimp  (priced at $12, although we remember it being as low as $9 in the past).  

When is someone in Laughlin going to bring back a 99 cent deal?  

Probably never, but the Avi at one time did.  

PBR and a Shrimp Cocktail for 99 cents, no longer available! 

This is the only one we remember seeing in recent years.  Seems like a good way to bring in some customers.  

Do you have a favorite place for Shrimp Cocktail in Laughlin?  

Send us your review or leave us a comment.   You can also come over to our Facebook page and share it.

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Oct 18, 2017

Halloween Buzz in Laughlin

Laughlin, Nevada

Pioneer Hotel and Gambling Hall
Sassy Sue's Bar
Halloween Costume Contest
Tuesday, October 31st 

Tropicana Laughlin  
Haunt & Glow Car Show
Friday-Sunday, October 27–29, 2017

Schedule of Events

Car Show
Friday, October 27th   1pm–6pm
Saturday, October 28th 9am–7pm

Halloween Costume Contest 
Saturday, October 28th  at 6pm at the North Parking Lot

Light Show 
Saturday, October 28th at 6pm  at the North North Lot

Awards will be given out onSunday, October 29th at 10am in the Pavilion Theater

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Oct 11, 2017

Laughlin Town Advisory Board approves proposed Emergency Department and Outpatient Center

Laughlin, Nevada 

On Tuesday, October 10, 2017 the Laughlin Town Advisory Board voted unanimously to request the Clark County Board of Commissioners to have its Real Property Management Department build an Free Standing Emergency Department and Outpatient Clinic on county-owned property next to the Clark County Parks and Recreation Department's Laughlin Aquatic Center, in the residential area in which 95% of the township's residents live.  

The proposal was presented by Bob Bilbray, Strategic Development Advisor to the Laughlin Economic Development Corporation, and Rob Samson of Selberg and Associates, Architects, assisted by T.R. Orr Construction Company, and a local Registered Nurse, Lisa Johnson, who has years of experience in the Emergency Department and Nursing Administration. District 12 State Senator Dr. Joe Hardy, also has been heavily involved in the effort.  

The proposed site and site plans are shown below.   

The following is a summary of the proposed services.

Laughlin 24 Hour Free Standing Emergency Department and Outpatient Center
A 24-hour freestanding emergency department (ED) in Laughlin, Nevada to serve the community’s growing healthcare needs. Demand for quality healthcare services in Laughlin continues to increase. We must to be able to continue to grow to serve our community. We need to provide easy access and high-quality health care to residents in Laughlin, Nevada.
Freestanding Emergency Departments (EDs) are a rapidly increasing source of emergency care in the United States. Physically separate from acute care hospitals, but available 24/7 for emergency care, freestanding EDs offer many of the same services as traditional EDs, such as on-site advanced diagnostic imaging, laboratory testing and quick delivery of care for patients.
The Laughlin ED will be equipped to treat patients with illnesses and injuries that require a higher level of care than urgent care facilities offer. It will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many emergent conditions can be effectively managed at freestanding emergency departments without the need for transfer to a traditional hospital setting. The ED would feature Emergency Physicians, Registered Nurses, ER Techs and other healthcare emergency professionals to treat many acute and chronic health problems, unpredictable injuries and sudden illnesses including, but not limited to:
· Heart Attack or Stroke
· Chest, abdominal or severe back pain
· Broken bones, sprains, cuts or contusions (bruises)
· Respiratory problems
· Skin infections
· Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea
The Laughlin ED will feature seven treatment rooms with an additional four rapid medical exam rooms, advanced imaging services such as computed tomography (CT), ultrasound and X-ray, and an on-site laboratory. It will use an electronic medical record system that will allow patients to access their private health information online. The ED will be staffed with board-certified emergency medicine Physicians, all RN nursing staff, ER Techs, imaging and laboratory staff, and an in-house pharmacist.
Doctors, nurses and ER technicians work as a team in the ED to provide effective and efficient care for every patient, from those with minor ailments to those with more serious injuries and illnesses.
Breakdown of services:
Exam and Rapid Treatment Areas:
Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and has:
· 5 basic exam rooms (includes 2 Isolation rooms)
· 4 Rapid treatment rooms
· 2 Behavioral health rooms
Radiology Services:
Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for ED. Will open weekdays during usual business hours for outpatient testing.
Radiology is the area of medicine that uses X-rays, magnetic waves and ultrasound to obtain detailed images of the inside of the body. Doctors can then use those images to detect and diagnose illnesses and injuries, as well as to help develop treatment plans. Below are descriptions of some of the imaging tests to be available in Laughlin.
Computed Tomography (CT) Scan:
Computed tomography (CT) is an imaging test that creates detailed images of internal organs, bones and tissue. The images generated during a CT scan can be reformatted into three-dimensional images viewed on a computer monitor, printed out or transferred to other media. Each time the scanner rotates around a patient's body, it uses low radiation X-rays to create high-resolution slices (images). Because the scanner circles a patient's body about four times every second, patients lie inside of the CT machine for two to three minutes. In some cases, CT scans are used in conjunction with an iodine-based contrast material to help doctors see certain organs, blood vessels or tissue.
X-ray (Radiography):
X-ray (also called radiography) uses a very small dose of radiation to produce pictures of the inside of the body. X-rays are the most frequently used form of medical imaging and they are also the oldest. They are often used to help see bone fractures, injuries or infections; they are also used to locate foreign objects in soft tissue.
Ultrasound is a noninvasive, non-radiation examination that uses sound waves to detect disease and locate possible abnormalities in tissue and organs. Ultrasound systems are designed to provide doctors with precise images for efficient diagnosis of medical problems. The system enables the physician to perform high-resolution panoramic imaging or 3D scanning in real time.
Respiratory Therapy:
Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for ED. Will open weekdays during usual business hours for outpatient testing.
· Mechanical ventilation - a tube is inserted through the mouth down into the trachea (airway), often used in emergency situations.
· Oxygen therapy - supplemental oxygen delivered due to illness.
· Pulse oximetry monitoring - an external sensor that measures oxygen levels in blood.
· Pulmonary function studies - non-invasive tests that measure lung volume, capacity and flow rate.
· Noninvasive positive pressure ventilation - ventilation that is delivered through an oxygen mask, rather than through an inserted tube.
Laboratory Services:
Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for ED. Will open weekdays during usual business hours for outpatient testing.
Laboratory tests check a sample of your blood, urine, or body tissues. A lab technician analyzes the test samples to see if your results fall within the normal range. The tests use a range because what is normal differs from person to person. Many factors affect test results.
Laboratory tests are often part of a routine checkup to look for changes in your health. They also help doctors diagnose medical conditions, plan or evaluate treatments, and monitor diseases.

For more information contact Bob Bilbray at or call his executive assistant Tina Womack at 702-298-3360.