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Oct 3, 2020

Laughlin Visitor Numbers Down for August 2020

 Laughlin, NV

Looking at the traditional Year Over Year statistics: 

Laughlin Visitor Statistics from the LVCVA* showed a -34.2% drop for August of 2020 compared to August of 2019. 

There were 105,600 visitors compared to 160,400 last year in August.

Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) was down -16.0% to $31.58 (August 2020) compared to $37.59 (August 2019).

Average Daily Room Rate (ADR) was up 12% for August 2020, compared to August 2019. 

Gaming Revenue in Laughlin for August of 2020 was down 9.44% compared to August of 2019.   

The LCVCA added a new feature to the reporting this month.  They now report Month Over Month data.  Note that Laughlin visitor volume in July 2020 was 95,500 and August Visitor Volume was 105,600. This was an increase of 10.6% 

*Source graphic and data:  Las Vegas Visitor and Convention Authority, LVCVA.Com

Blue Lagoon Lounge located at the Bay Shore Inn


Oct 2, 2020

Laughlin Gaming Revenue Down for August 2020

 Laughlin, NV


Laughlin Casino gaming revenue as reported by the Nevada Gaming Control Board was down -9.44% for August of 2020 compared to August of 2019.  

2020 August Gaming Revenue in Laughlin was $35,122,600 compared to 38,784,996  in August of 2019. 

How did Laughlin compare to other areas and locations?

Even though the gaming revenue in Laughlin was down for the month of August, it was less than might be expected.  With the pandemic, occupancy restrictions, mask requirements, bar closures, and no live entertainment, it could of been far worse.   In fact, the Laughlin number was much better than Clark County as a whole (-25.07%), the Las Vegas Strip  (-39.19%), and Downtown Las Vegas (-21.54%).   

The Boulder Strip, which includes Henderson, NV Casinos, was up 29.62% and Mesquite was up 9.48%. 

Data and graphic source: Nevada Gaming  

Laughlin Gaming Revenue Overall for 2020 so far:

January     +0.88%
February    +5.84%
March        -38.2%     (Casinos Closed March 15th)
April          -100.03%  (Casinos Closed all month)
May           -100.03%  (Casinos Closed all month)
June           -14.61%    (Casinos opened June 4th)
July            -16.95%     
August       -9.44%


Blue Lagoon Lounge located at the Bay Shore Inn