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Nov 30, 2013

Breakfast at Daniel's in the Regency

Laughlin, NV
Daniel's Restaurant in the Regency Casino

It's been a long time since we have been in the Regency Casino, not counting Burger Wednesday. Instead of hitting our usual breakfast spot in Laughlin we decided to give Daniel's Restaurant a try.

We arrived about 9am and right away noticed they were short on staff.  One person was seating people, waiting on tables, clearing tables, delivering food, and helping prepare items.  Looked like there was one cook as well.   The server said they were waiting on additional help.   Luckily, the place is small and there were only about eight tables with patrons.

At the front counter we were actually handed our silverware, napkins and menus and told to go choose wherever we felt like sitting.  This was a first, even for Laughlin.

The server was hustling to get everything done, definitely overworked, with no help.  We did get waited on fairly quickly.  Since it was a weekday we were there in time for the daily breakfast specials.  These definitely can't be beat.   We both chose the $3.50 Bacon, Eggs, Potatoes, and Toast special.   We saw other diners who ordered the Ham Steak and Pork Chop special too.  They looked very good and were huge portions (for just $4.99).

The food was good, eggs cooked right, two strips of crisp bacon, a good portion of breakfast potato, and a tasty bread as the toast (not a typical store brand slice).   All this for just $3.50!

Daniel's also has a more extensive breakfast menu, but we couldn't pass up the great specials at those prices.

Coffee was just $1.95.    Strange is the plastic cup they brought us cream in. It was like one you would get a side of dressing or sauce in. 

Either they had a shortage of individual creamer packs or no creamer dispensers.

In spite of the staff shortage, service was pretty good.  Our food came out reasonably fast and hot. For these prices and a good breakfast we will be back again.

After breakfast we touched the cow for good luck and threw $5 in a machine and hit right away for $80. This made our $12 breakfast for two an even better value!

Have you tried the Daniels?

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Nov 25, 2013

Harlows out, ClaimJumper in at Golden Nugget

Update as December 2013:  ClaimJumper is Now Open  

See More Details and Pictures Here

ClaimJumper to Replace Harlows

Golden Nugget, Laughlin, NV

The popular Harlows restaurant will soon be gone from the Golden Nugget in Laughlin.  In it's place will be another Landry's Group restaurant, ClaimJumper.  Signs are already up and some work being done, meanwhile as of earlier this week Harlows was still open for business.  We wouldn't expect them to be closed over the Thanksgiving Holiday, however, the tentative opening date for ClaimJumper is December 5th.  

A new spot opening is always nice in Laughlin, it remains to be seen if this is a good move.  We still miss Joe's Crab Shack, even though Bubba Gumps (which replaced Joe's) is alright. Harlows is more of a coffee shop/breakfast/diner type of spot, with great specials.  Current ClaimJumper menus don't even included breakfast.  Details should be forthcoming soon!

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Nov 23, 2013

Riverside Riverwalk

Riverside Resort

The Riverside is where Laughlin was born.   The Riverside Casino is the 1st Hotel and Casino on Casino Drive after you cross into Nevada from Arizona.   The Laughlin Riverwalk portion of the property is well maintained, clean, safe*, and has great views of the Colorado River and Mountains.

Picture tour of the Riverwalk.  Walking from the Aquarius Casino, the Riverside Tower looms over the walk. (The McDonalds is in the Aquarius).

Often you can see fish, ducks, other birds, in the shallows of the River.  See more here.

Beaver by the Riverside

There is a slight uphill walk to reach the main part of the Riverwalk leading to the Riverside

Once you get to the top and turn, it is a straight, flat shot to the Riverside


There is a large parking lot behind the fence.  This is not accessible to or from the Riverwalk except at the end by the entrance to the Casino.   This most likely helps prevent people from parking in this lot and having a closer walk down to the other Casinos. 
Water Taxi


 The entrance/exit off the Riverwalk to the Riverside

If you pass the gate and keep going the Riverwalk heads down a incline to the lower level of the Riverside

 Unfortunately, this underbelly portion of the Riverwalk has a crowded, smelly, dirty feel to it.  Various delivery and employee vehicles use the road that runs along the sidewalk.  In addition, this is seemingly the break area for Riverside employees and a heavy smoking area.   This is the only property we have seen where they allow the employees to do this right on the Riverwalk. The Water Taxi and Riverside Cruise also dock right nearby, so although it is not as visible as the other sections, many people come down there. 



Old Murals depict various images from Laughlin's past



Once you get past the smoking and docking area there is another slight uphill walk to the other side of the Riverside.  Views are still nice. 

At this point the Riverwalk ends but you can continue on the sidewalk beside the parking lot.

This leads right along the river, through Fisherman's Access Park, The Avenue of Flags, and all the way to the Laughlin-Bullhead City Bridge.   This is a very nice section and with lawn and grass during the spring-summer seasons.   

Below are more posts about other parts of the Riverwalk. 

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*The Riverwalk has always seemed very safe to us.  At night there is some wildlife, just respect them and don't feed them.  If you have small children, keep an eye on them through this section of the Riverwalk.  Some of the railings have large spaces and we have seen a few children come close to falling through.  It is a very long drop to the River below. 

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Nov 22, 2013

Laughlin Dog Show

This event was rained out on November 23rd and has been rescheduled for Saturday, December 14th.  Registration begins at 9am. 
Sad because it rained in Laughlin and the show was postponed the first time.

Laughlin, NV

Bark in the Park Dog Show     

Dogs of all ages and breeds are invited to the Bark in the Park Dog show.  The show takes place at Mountain View Park in Laughlin on November 23rd. December 14th.   Registration begins at 9am. 

Over 20 dog show contests are slated for the event.   Best Costume, Best Groomed, Dog-Owner look alike, Biggest Dog, Smallest Dog, and many other fun contests will take place.  Participation is $3 per contest or four contests for $10. The top three in each contest will win a award, and there will also be a Best of Show competition, with a prize awarded.  All shot records must be up to date to enter the show.  Dogs must be leashed in the park.

In addition to the dog contests, there will be Vendor booths, raffles and drawings.  Plus Roto-Dogs (hot dogs) will be available.  

The show is being put on and sponsored by the Laughlin Junior Senior High School Interact Club.
Proceeds from this event will support Rotary International and the fight to "END POLIO NOW"
throughout the free world ....All funds will go directly to eradicate polio.

Registration begins at 9:00 am and the first competition is at 10:00 am   See the above link for more details.

Booth space is still available.  For more information about the show or to register as a vendor, contact Kristin Johnson at 906-360-2951 or email

Nov 21, 2013

Check out the Cove Bar and Lounge!

We went to the Cove on the recommendation of a review we read on Laughlin Buzz. We absolutely loved it!   Drinks were amazing and very strong.  We tried the Margarita's, Martini's and for dessert the Pineapple Upside Down Cake Martini.  The Pineapple Upside Down Cake Martini might not be for everyone but it is now one of our favorites.  The martini was delicious but also very sweet and so easy to drink fast. For us, the appetizers were as good as dinner.  They are huge.  We started with the Steak Salad.  This is a meal itself.  The steak strips were better than most steak served as an entree in other places.  The dressing was outstanding as well.  Shrimp Cocktail was one of the best we have had.  The shrimp were jumbo, very fresh, nicely chilled. The Crab and Artichoke Dip was our other appetizer choice.  This was another big portion with a plate of crostini type bread, coated with a sun dried tomato paste, to spread the dip on.  The dip itself was creamy and had a nice crab flavor, even though the Artichokes seemed more prevalent.  While we did like the sun dried tomato on the bread, we think it would of been even better with just plain bread. 

We thought the prices for the appetizers were very reasonable, maybe even low, for the quality and portion size.   Our waitress was very good and very friendly, but she was overworked.  Apparently, they were short on staff and also training a new person this night.  Because of this service was slow at the start but got much better quickly.   We sat in the portion of the Cove that is in the room behind the bar.  This is a cozy little section with high tables, low tables, and a few comfortable sofa type chairs.  We will definitely be back to the Cove. 

Review by guest, Carl F. 

The Cove Bar and Lounge is located in the non-smoking section of the Aquarius Casino in Laughlin, NV.
App Menu* and Drink Menu* for the Cove Bar and Lounge    
*as always items and pricing subject to change

Read other reviews of the Cove Bar and Lounge here:

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Nov 16, 2013

Riverwalk by the Aquarius Casino Resort

We spend alot of time on the Riverwalk in Laughlin.  Year round.   The portion of the Riverwalk by the Aquarius is very nicely maintained, clean, safe, with great views of the River and Mountains.  All the other Casinos except River Palms and Harrah's are within a fairly short walking distance from the Aquarius.

Here is our latest picture tour of the Riverwalk outside the Aquarius.  Pictures taken in November 2013. 

When you come out the back entrance onto the Riverwalk, the Riverside Casino is to the left and the Regency and Edgewater are the first ones to the right.

A circular sitting area just outside the doors is a nice place with some shade and a great view. 

Just outside the Riverwalk entrance of the Aquarius

View of the Colorado River

The Cove Bar and Lounge is just inside the doors.

Part of the Cove lounge seating overlooks the Riverwalk and the Colorado River (see below)

Benches line this section of the Riverwalk 

Duet Coffee and Wine (with free wifi) is inside the Casino

This section of the Riverwalk was recently landscaped.  Much of the overgrowth of trees was cleared to make for a nicer look and a better view of the River.  New flowers and plants were put in. As you continue walking you reach the end of the Aquarius section of the Riverwalk.  The Riverside Resort and Casino is just ahead.

Outback Steakhouse is inside, located on the Casino floor. 

As you start walking down the Riverwalk there is another entrance. This enters right by the Windows on the River Buffet and leads back into the Casino. 

Panda Express is also located in the Casino

A large McDonalds is located in another corner of the Casino
Looking back down the Colorado River toward the Aquarius and Edgewater.
The Regency is a small casino (no hotel) nestled just between the two.
 If you head down the Riverwalk toward the Edgewater Casino, the first thing you see are The Rocky River Adventure sales shack and the Celebration River Cruise sales booth.

Rent Waverunners and more
Celebration Cruise -  Day cruises and Dinner Cruises are available.

This "cruise director/saleswoman" will most likely stop you and tell you all about the cruises.   Unlike how you are accosted in Vegas, in all of Laughlin this is one of the only sales pitches we have seen on the Riverwalk or Casino Drive.  We have probably been asked a hundred times.  One of these times we will try it out, just to see what it is like.  Just 10 dollars for the daytime cruise.  

The Celebration 
Everything is for rent on the Riverwalk.  

Just about 400 steps down the Riverwalk you will come up to the Regency (the small building in front of the Edgewater).  This marks the end of the Aquarius portion of the walk. 

Other features:  Right behind the Celebration sales booth is the Aquarius outdoor Amphitheater.  This is very small and is rarely used.  Recent acts have included Bill Engvall and Heart.  

The Amphitheater is basically a parking area with a stage on one side and bleachers on the other.  If there is a show, chairs are placed on the "floor" parking lot area.  When there is no show it seems to double as parking for various Aquarius workers.  The bleachers are right in front of the parking garage.  When there is a concert they usually block the view from the garage into the Amphitheater with vinyl covering.  We actually did catch the Bill Engvall show there.  Because it is so small the view is great for all seats.  

As you walk past the Amphitheater the walkway continues along side the hotel and out to the front of the Aquarius on Casino Drive. 

Food Court - McDonalds, Subway and Dreyers Ice Cream.
Panda Express is on the opposite corner of the Casino floor.
The only restaurant not mentioned on the Riverwalk signage is the Vineyard Ristorante.  This has been one of our favorites.  This fine Italian dining spot is located right off the Riverwalk as well.  Some of the seating inside has a nice view of the River.

Below are more posts about other parts of the Riverwalk.

Golden Nugget 

No man's land between the Golden Nugget and the River Palms 

Pioneer Casino and River Rick at night 

Who says Laughlin doesn't have nightlife? 

We will have more Riverwalk photo's coming soon.   If you have some you would like to share send us a email at or visit our Facebook page and share them!


All depictions, descriptions, and information was current at the time of posting and is subject to change by the properties involved.   We have no affiliation with and receive no compensation from the properties mentioned.