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Aug 1, 2021

Visitor Statistics for Laughlin for June of 2021

Laughlin, NV

Room rates are up significantly, gaming revenue is up compared to 2020 and 2019.  But even though the visitor numbers have rebounded, they are still down 32.4% compared to pre-pandemic numbers posted in June of 2019. 

Statistics for Laughlin visitor volume for June, plus comparisons to previous years. 

Laughlin visitor volume for June was down -4.3% when compared to May visitor counts.  June was 112,200.   May was 117,300  

Visitor numbers are up compared to last summer, however, no where near the numbers seen in the last pre-pandemic June period in 2019. 

June 2021:  112,200    

June 2020:  100,600

June 2019:  166,000

June visitors counts were up 11.5% compared to June 2020 but down ‐32.4% compared to June of 2019.

Room Rates are up

ADR - Average Daily Room Rate for June was $78.82

In June of 2020 it was $48.57 and in June of 2019 it was $50.23.  These are 62.3% and 56.9% increases compared to June of 2021. 

Visitor counts at the airport are getting better but still far behind 2019 numbers. 

Laughlin/Bullhead City En/Deplaned Passengers for June of 2021 was 8,963 compared to 6,702 in June of 2020 and 18,833 in June of 2019. 

Gaming Revenue has rebounded compared to both 2020 and 2019. 

Gross Gaming Revenue for Laughlin in June:

Down -13% compared to May  2021 

Up 33.35 compared to June 2020

Up 37.5% compared to June 2019

Data/Chart compiled by the LVCVA Research Center

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