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Sep 30, 2018

Pin Up Pizza at Harrah's Laughlin

Laughlin, Nevada

Harrah's Laughlin
Pin Up Pizza

Pin Up Pizza in Harrah's Laughlin opened a while ago.  We had tried the original location at Planet Hollywood on the Vegas Strip before.

The Pizza is very good, with a nice crust and sauce. The New York Style slices are huge.  At a price point of upwards of $7 a slice the size makes it worth it.  Toppings were a bit sparse.

Remote control is for size illustration only and is
not edible and does not come with the slice.  :-) 
 The Laughlin location does not have as many varieties of slices that we remember from the Vegas location. Or the ones listed on their website.  It is a limited menu.   Probably due to having less traffic and to eliminate waste of cooking multiple types of Pizza.

Harrah's Laughlin needs to update their website page about the Pizza too, it reflects the same information from the Vegas location.

There were no Rockabilly Pin-Up Servers, but then again this is Laughlin!  As mentioned, there were not seven varieties of Pizza either.  And we have to wonder if the chefs really fly in the dough from Italy, and the cheese from New York for the Laughlin location.  Maybe they do.

The graphic above taken on (9/30/18) from:

You can also order full pizzas, 14 inch size or the huge one that they make to cut the slices.  

The Pizza is still a good deal at the price.    Pin Up Pizza is located near Smashburger in the row of food court style places at Harrah's Laughlin. 

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Sep 29, 2018

A visit to The New Pioneer

Laughlin, NV

We finally made a visit to the Pioneer Hotel and Gambling Hall.  It was our first one since the new owners took over on May 1st.   Gaming resumed on Labor Day weekend.

The New Pioneer
Just prior to the resumption of gaming at the Pioneer they stripped the old Neon Letters from the front of the building and removed the railings and statues.  Word is they were being refurbished and would be put back later.  Not an official word, but shared by various employees.   Hopefully, they do so because it looks very plain now. 

Before photo: 

The old look of the New Pioneer 
The New Pioneer has a new players club and card.  The old cards no longer work.  They kept the same name, Round Up Club.  

The first thing we noticed is it was cleaner looking, brighter, and more open space.    It even smelled better, although as one employee put it, "for now". 

There seemed to be fewer machines but there were newer style games mixed in with some of the older machines.  

There a no table games at the New Pioneer.  No word again on if or when they might have them.   They do have a Blackjack and Craps machine as a substitute. 

The sportsbook was still there, looked about the same. 

Sassy Sue's Saloon which overlooks the River and Riverwalk has new video poker/keno games on the bar.   There appears to be many more of them than we remember.   We gave our favorite two spots a try but hit nothing.   They do have a good selection of beer on tap and the bartender was friendly and welcoming. 

There was a placard for a Bar Munchies Menu.  We didn't try anything but it looks good.  Presumably, the food comes from the only restaurant in the Pioneer, BumbleBerry Flats.   Carve Deli was closed.

We wondered exactly what Dinosaur Wings might be?

 While playing at the bar we did have some luck by being picked randomly as the winner in the Hot Seat pick.  Won $50 in free play!    They hold these drawings periodically, though sorry we don't know what days or times.  You win by simply having your players card in while actively playing.

Luckily because of the $50 free play we did win back what we lost at the bar in Sassy Sues.  

The New Pioneer is not much different than the Old Pioneer.  Just cleaned up a bit on the inside.    If you visit or have visited leave a comment on this article and let us know what you thought.  Or drop by our Facebook Group and share it. 

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Tropicana Laughlin - Brew Brothers Tap House, new pub construction

Laughlin, NV

Update:  The new Brew Brothers Tap House will open on January 10, 2016.  Go to:  for more information!

While driving down Casino Drive we noticed a bit more progress on the upcoming new pub/restaurant at the Tropicana Laughlin. This will be next to Victory Plaza in the location where the old train depot area was formerly located. 

We have heard it will be called the Tap House*.  There is a Tap House at another  Tropicana property in the Tropicana Evansville  (see information and the menu of the Tap House at that property).   If the Laughlin version is similar, it seems like it will be a welcome addition to Casino Drive. 

*The official name is now Brew Brothers Tap House

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Sep 28, 2018

Laughlin Slot Machine Hold Percentages are just behind the Vegas Strip

Laughlin, NV

People often ask about the best place to play the slots (and win). Because Laughlin has been viewed as a inexpensive destination, a common misconception seems to be that Laughlin has looser slots.   Statistics are showing this is not true.

A recent publication by the UNLV Center for Gaming Research reported slot hold percentages of the eleven largest (by revenue) reporting areas in Nevada.

As expected, Las Vegas Strip has a significantly higher hold than other reporting areas.  Surprisingly, Laughlin is ranked second. 

Slot hold is the average slot hold percentage (or win percentage) for the period in question as released by the Nevada Gaming Control Board in its
Gaming Revenue Reports.

This is basically the amount the Casino takes as their gaming revenue on the slots.   A higher hold percentage means less payout to players (over time).

For the period 2004-2018 the Las Vegas Strip slot hold (average) was 7.32%.
Laughlin was just behind them at 7.10%

See the percentages from the source document* below.

The report from UNLV also shows the slot hold percentage by year.   Laughlin hold percentages are once again higher than all the other areas in recent years.

A quick look at the statistics shows that Laughlin slot holds for 2018 are at the upper tier of all the areas, with only the Las Vegas Strip having a higher hold for most months.

This is not a good trend, especially when combined with the introduction of resort fees in Laughlin, higher room rates, increases in prices at restaurants.

The value destination advantage that Laughlin once enjoyed is seemingly diminishing.  Especially when the gambling, at least as far as slots, is tight.

Laughlin Buzz

*Source document:

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Sep 12, 2018

Laughlin - Senior Expo by NV Energy

Laughlin, NV

Senior Expo by Nevada Energy  
October 5, 2018

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