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Dec 28, 2013

A visit to the River Palms Casino

We made a rare visit to the River Palms Casino in Laughlin last week.   They are still open and operating after the near sale to M1 Gaming fell through earlier this year.   A walk through the Casino floor makes one wonder what the future will bring.   There are less and less slot machines on the already sparsely populated floor.   Now they have taken the very few table games that were in their own section and instead put a BlackJack Table, a Craps Table and a Roulette table over near the center of the floor.  More downsizing.  The area where the table games used to be had chairs and tables set up (for what reason?).


There were a handful of people playing the machines and the table games were not even open.  We don't recall being in a Casino in recent memory where there were no table games operating.


Given the very cheap room rates available and the what would appear to be a lack of significant gaming revenue...we have to wonder what the future of the River Palms will be.

The restaurants are still open, at least some of the time.  Denny's is 24 hours, the Lodge is open on the weekends, and the Buffet seems to be open sporadically.

The Riverwalk portion by the River Palms is still very nice.   See pictures here.   Until you get past their property to where the big Monkey statues are.  Then it deteriorates quickly.

While we are losing hope for a new, improved, River Palms...over at the Edgewater Casino things are looking up a bit.   Read more about our latest visit to the Edgewater.

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Dec 27, 2013

A Visit to the Edgewater Casino

Edgewater Hotel and Casino 
Laughlin, Nevada
December 27, 2013

The Edgewater is looking better but still has a ways to go.

We are always happy to see improvements in the quality, look, and atmosphere and love to give credit when it is due.   In the past we have shared our lack of enthusiasm for the Edgewater Casino restaurants and Casino Floor.   Over the past year this has improved significantly.  First, in the spring was the remodel of the William Hill Sports Book.  This is now by far the nicest sportsbook in Laughlin.   Recently, the opening of Capriotti's Sandwich shop in the area right next to the sports book made this even better.  They tore down the walls and created a seamless space with the non-smoking slot machines in between the two areas.  Capriotti's is a huge improvement to the restaurant choices.  It replaced Sbarro and Nathan's Famous, both which were ok but had the look of a dirty, dingy food court.   With any luck they will keep the area clean and nice looking.

The Edgewater also opened up the Casino floor space more by reconfiguring the way the slot machines are placed.  Now many of them are in circles, creating more space and a nicer, more open look.  We were pleased to see that the place also looks substantially cleaner, especially on the side where the sportsbook is.

The other (bigger) section of the Casino floor was also reconfigured and looks nicer as well.   The exception is still the McDonalds which remains dirty looking and has terrible service.   As we have never stayed at the hotel itself, we do not know if the new, refurbished rooms are satisfactory.  Given the many complaints we have heard in the past they certainly must be an improvement.

 A trip and visit to the two restaurants on the lower level is in order for us sometime in the first quarter of 2014.  The last two visits to Coco's and the Hickory Pit were disappointing, highlighted by terrible service as well.  As far as the Buffet, we have sworn never to venture to it again.  Our experiences have been poor there.

Ok, this isn't the Grand Buffet but......

The old adage, you-get-what-you-pay-for doesn't even apply.  The Grand Buffet remains one of the cheapest on the river for good reason.  Perhaps at some point they will take a look at the quality they provide and make improvements at the Buffet as well.

The Edgewater and Colorado Belle are both owned by the same company, who is also putting in the New Laughlin Event Center and a new restaurant in the Colorado Belle called the Loading Dock Bar and Grille.

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Dec 26, 2013

New Years Eve in Laughlin

No, Laughlin is not Vegas.  And that can be a good thing!   Smaller crowds, (slightly) warmer weather, good food, drinks, fun and even fireworks on the River. 

Our Picks for New Years Eve 2013

The Edgewater and Colorado Belle will be putting on their fireworks display once again at Midnight.  Best viewing spots are on the Riverwalk between the two properties.  Both Casinos also have a DJ, balloon drop and toasts inside.

The Regency right next to the Edgewater be having a Neon Glow in the “Dark Black Light Party”. Music will be by DJ Loke Lau (starts at 9 p.m.). Wear black and white!  Party favors and neon ink will be available. The Regency is also a great place to pop out on the Riverwalk from to see the Fireworks.

If you want to catch a show, try the Riverside where Mickey Gilley performs two shows on New Year’s Eve (7 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.)   Visit the Riverside website for tickets or better yet get down to the box office by Don's Celebrity Theater.  

The Caboose Lounge in the Tropicana is always a fun place.  Performers this NYE are:
Krisy Thompson (4:30-8:30 p.m.)  followed by a “Neon Party” with neon giveaways and music by the band Block Party (9pm-2am). There is no charge to enjoy the music at the Lounge.
Gold Digger’s Nightclub at Laughlin's Golden Nugget will be hosting a New Year’s Eve party. Doors open at 8pm, cost is $20 per person or $30 per couple. DJ will be playing a Best of 2013 countdown.  Entry gets you party favors and a champagne toast. 
Looking for a NYE Buffet?  Try the Harrah's Fresh Market Square Buffet featuring a Polynesian theme, a steel drum band and great food from 5pm to 10pm New Years Eve.
 If you are looking for a nice dinner out, we recommend the Range Steakhouse at Harrah's, The Steakhouse at the Tropicana, or the Vineyard at the Aquarius.  Call ahead for reservations! Whatever you do, have fun, be safe, don't drink and drive and have fun!  

Dec 21, 2013

Winter Solstice, aka First day of Winter in Laughlin

Laughlin, Nevada

The weather was just too nice not to take a walk along Casino Drive and the Riverwalk today.  Loved we could wear shorts and just a light jacket on the first day of winter.  Even the palm trees were still, no wind!

All was quiet on the strip, on the river and in most of the Casinos.  Occupancy is light until New Years Eve, with rates low through Dec. 26th.  For example through Christmas at the Aquarius, a room is going for $34.99 a night.  Other places may be even more inexpensive.  They are already sold out for New Years Eve, however.

Definitely Not Vegas Style Traffic on Casino Drive in Laughlin

Beautiful weather on the Riverwalk.  Few people taking advantage of it. 

Wild Cats sunning themselves.

Road Runner on the Riverwalk 

Looks like someone lost their socks at the Casino. 

Happy Winter Solstice!


Dec 20, 2013

Mark Twain's Closed at Colorado Belle

Love it or hate it, it appears that Mark Twain's (Chicken and Ribs) at the Colorado Belle has closed. Honestly, we always meant to get up there and try it but never did.  It was rumored this would close when the new Loading Dock Bar and Grille opened.  From a mailer, we received it appears the Loading Dock will be opening February, 15th.  One day after Valentine's Day.  One would think they would want to be open for that "holiday" but no.

With the closure of Mark Twains, this leaves only the Captain's Buffet on the upper deck of the Colorado Belle.  In succession in the past two years, Tortillas, Mangia, and the Gallery Cafe all closed.  Even the gift shop moved to the Casino floor.  It is like a gaudy ghost town when you come off the escalator.  It is a shame as the spaces overlooking the river are very nice.  Especially where Mangia was.  It seems the management at the Belle has decided to move and focus on everything being on the Casino Floor and Riverwalk. 

Stairs leading to where the new Loading Dock will be are currently blocked off. 

Until the Loading Dock opens the only other place to eat besides the Buffet (which we have a hard time recommending) is Pint's Microbrewery and Restaurant (open 24 hours).  And the small snack bar by the sportsbook.  

Laughlin, NV


Dec 17, 2013

Loading Dock to open in February

Laughlin, Nevada

New Loading Dock Bar and Grille to open soon!

Construction continues on the upcoming Loading Dock Bar and Grille at the Colorado Belle Casino in Laughlin.   Opening date is expected to be February of 2014.

Recent pics   **See latest update at the end of this blog post!

You can no longer access the Casino from the Riverwalk at the Belle.  You have to cut through the hotel to get inside.  While the entire area is a bit of a mess and inconvenient, it will be nice when it is finished.     See our post about the construction from earlier in the year (and video).

Update:  1-11-14:  The Riverwalk is back open by the Construction site.  Slow but steady progress is being made.  See here for latest pictures.

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Dec 14, 2013

Grabbing a Light Lunch at ClaimJumper?!

Laughlin, Nevada

The ClaimJumper restaurant just opened the first week of December (2013) in the Golden Nugget Laughlin. 

We didn't expect to get there to try it for awhile, but unexpectedly ended up at the GN around lunch time.  So, two of us popped in to grab a quick, light lunch.  Or, so we hoped.

Service was fast.  Of course, there were only a half a dozen tables occupied.  Our waitress, for some reason, talked very loud.  Perhaps for the benefit of some of the older customers she may have had.   Ice Tea, and a Corona was our drink choice.  It was after 12 o'clock and who says you can't have a Corona anytime in a Casino?!   Drinks came fast.  So far so good on service.  

Breakfast is served all day.  I debated briefly on the Eggs Benedict, Breakfast Tacos, or 3 of a Kind.  

This didn't seem light enough though.  So, I chose instead the BBQ Chicken Salad.  

Char-grilled chicken with corn, black beans, carrots, tomato, green onions, cilantro and crisp corn tortilla 
strips. Tossed with homemade ranch dressing and topped with sweet BBQ sauce $10.99

This was a huge salad.  I knew it was going to be large but would of been enough for two.   The dressing was good, not too much and not too heavy.  Just a bit of BBQ sauce topped it.  I was glad they went light on that too.  Overall it was a good choice.  Would of liked to see a bit less carrot and more black beans and corn. A few less tortilla strips on top would of been OK too.  The white meat chicken was thinly sliced and flavorful. It was a nice, fresh salad.

The other guest with me ordered the Chopped Cobb Salad.

Char-grilled chicken, bleu cheese crumbles, avocado, bacon, diced egg and tomatoes with homemade bleu cheese dressing $11.99  

plus a cup of the French Onion Soup

This salad was very good too.  Heavier because of the bleu cheese dressing, which was excellent.  Tasted homemade, not sure if it was or not.  Included alot of very fresh Avacado.   The french onion soup was in a very small cup but was tasty, with a nice broth, not too salty.

Both of us were only able to finish about 3/4 of the salad and that too effort.  Half would of been a good stopping point.  We enjoyed them and if you want to spend $11-12 on a big salad they are good choices.  Not too sure about how healthy or low calorie they are though.  A quick look on the CJ nutrition page of their website made me figure the first one would of been about 800-900 calories and the second one much more than that.

Looking over the menu one can tell the ClaimJumper is not for eating "right", "light", or "healthy".  You could do it but it would take some figuring and special ordering.  Most of the menu items are going to clock in way up in the range of the total calories you might want to consume all day.  It is a hearty, fill you up, comfort food menu to be sure.

Eater.Com had a piece in April:   Claim Jumper: The World's Unhealthiest Chain Restaurant?

Every now and then a meal like this is fun, all the food does look delicious.  Try it, perhaps though the best time is before you make your 2014 New Years Diet Resolution this year!

The ClaimJumper is in the old location of Harlow's.  Little has changed inside, except some of the decor.  It is comfortable but you can hear much of the Casino noise, including the recently placed Keno lounge right nearby.

Winter hours currently are:

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Dec 12, 2013

New Restaurant coming to the Pioneer Casino

Changes at the Pioneer Gambling Hall and Casino

New Restaurant to Replace the Boarding House Restaurant. 

We heard that the Boarding House Restaurant in the Pioneer Casino was closed for renovations.  According to the Pioneer Casino Facebook page they are instead putting a NEW restaurant in that space. While this is being created, they are still serving items from The Boarding House in Granny's.  

From their Facebook page:  For the month of December the normal Granny's menu is available 7 nights a week from 4-9, and the Boarding House favorites are available from 7 a.m. - 10 pm, Sun. - Thurs. and till 11 pm on Fri. & Sat. 

We also read on their page that they won't be bringing back the popular buffet and will have an all new menu.  We haven't heard if there is a name change coming as well.  We would expect there is.    

Outside the Pioneer the parking lot was filled with the former contents of the Boarding House.  It will be good to see what the new place and menu looks like.  Change is always fun, especially in Laughlin where it happens infrequently and very slowly. 

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Dec 10, 2013

Capriotti's Opens December 20th in Laughlin

Early Christmas Present!

Capriotti's is almost here. 

Look for the new Laughlin location in the Edgewater Casino to open at 10:30 am on December 20th. 

Just in time to have a Bobbie for Christmas Dinner!  

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Dec 8, 2013

ClaimJumper replaces Harlow's in the Golden Nugget Laughlin

As of the first week of December (2013) the ClaimJumper restaurant has replaced Harlow's in the Golden Nugget Laughlin.   

We  haven't had a chance to try it yet, this seems to be a popular move in the eyes of people we have heard from.  Still there are many others who have come to love Harlow's and their great specials.   

We received a couple pictures of ClaimJumper.  While we had not been to Harlow's in quite awhile, it appears that little changed inside the restaurant.  Looks like this was simply a name change with a new sign and new menu.  

ClaimJumper in the Golden Nugget Laughlin

Current hours listed on their website are:

Sadly, there will be no more $1.99 Four Deuces breakfast special and Blue Plate Specials from Harlow's. The good news is that this ClaimJumper does serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Breakfast is served ALL DAY, with the full lunch menu starting at 11am.  Instead of the Blue Plate Specials you can not take in the Early Bird Specials from 1-6pm, for only $9.99 each. 

ClaimJumper Early Bird Menu

Links to the current (as of December 2013) menu's at the Laughlin ClaimJumper


Lunch and Dinner

Penguins and "Snow" by the Waterfall in the Atrium

ClaimJumper is located right next to the Atrium as you come in the front entrance of the Golden Nugget.  We will share our dining thoughts as soon as we have a chance to try ClaimJumper a few times.  

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Dec 3, 2013

Boombox Christmas Parade and Winter Festival

Boombox Christmas Parade and 2013 Winter Festival
Bullhead City, AZ

The 16th annual Boombox Christmas Parade takes place on Friday, December 6th at 6pm.

This year's theme is “Spirit of Giving”.   

Parade route:  Starts at River Gardens Dr and Hancock Rd in Bullhead City. The parade goes east on Hancock to Trane Rd, turns right to Marina Blvd, turns left on Marina and continues to the Riverview Mall at Miracle Mile and Marina.  Line up starts 3pm and the parade starts 6pm.  Remember this is Arizona time, which is 1 hour ahead of Laughlin, Nevada, and California.


The Winter Festival begins as soon as the parade ends.  All Winter Festival activities take place at the at Riverview Mall, 2350 Miracle Mile in Bullhead City.  The arrival of Santa Claus and official city tree lighting kicks off the event, with music by the Mohave HS band. Friday's schedule also includes carnival rides, Santa Claus reading the Polar Express while his elves hand out “Spirit of Christmas” bells to the children, plus arts and crafts booths, free popcorn, hot cocoa and cookies.  

The festival runs December 6-8th.  Saturday and Sunday activities begin at 10am (AZ time)  
Click Here to View the Full Schedule

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Nov 30, 2013

Breakfast at Daniel's in the Regency

Laughlin, NV
Daniel's Restaurant in the Regency Casino

It's been a long time since we have been in the Regency Casino, not counting Burger Wednesday. Instead of hitting our usual breakfast spot in Laughlin we decided to give Daniel's Restaurant a try.

We arrived about 9am and right away noticed they were short on staff.  One person was seating people, waiting on tables, clearing tables, delivering food, and helping prepare items.  Looked like there was one cook as well.   The server said they were waiting on additional help.   Luckily, the place is small and there were only about eight tables with patrons.

At the front counter we were actually handed our silverware, napkins and menus and told to go choose wherever we felt like sitting.  This was a first, even for Laughlin.

The server was hustling to get everything done, definitely overworked, with no help.  We did get waited on fairly quickly.  Since it was a weekday we were there in time for the daily breakfast specials.  These definitely can't be beat.   We both chose the $3.50 Bacon, Eggs, Potatoes, and Toast special.   We saw other diners who ordered the Ham Steak and Pork Chop special too.  They looked very good and were huge portions (for just $4.99).

The food was good, eggs cooked right, two strips of crisp bacon, a good portion of breakfast potato, and a tasty bread as the toast (not a typical store brand slice).   All this for just $3.50!

Daniel's also has a more extensive breakfast menu, but we couldn't pass up the great specials at those prices.

Coffee was just $1.95.    Strange is the plastic cup they brought us cream in. It was like one you would get a side of dressing or sauce in. 

Either they had a shortage of individual creamer packs or no creamer dispensers.

In spite of the staff shortage, service was pretty good.  Our food came out reasonably fast and hot. For these prices and a good breakfast we will be back again.

After breakfast we touched the cow for good luck and threw $5 in a machine and hit right away for $80. This made our $12 breakfast for two an even better value!

Have you tried the Daniels?

Comment below and let us know what you thought!

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Nov 25, 2013

Harlows out, ClaimJumper in at Golden Nugget

Update as December 2013:  ClaimJumper is Now Open  

See More Details and Pictures Here

ClaimJumper to Replace Harlows

Golden Nugget, Laughlin, NV

The popular Harlows restaurant will soon be gone from the Golden Nugget in Laughlin.  In it's place will be another Landry's Group restaurant, ClaimJumper.  Signs are already up and some work being done, meanwhile as of earlier this week Harlows was still open for business.  We wouldn't expect them to be closed over the Thanksgiving Holiday, however, the tentative opening date for ClaimJumper is December 5th.  

A new spot opening is always nice in Laughlin, it remains to be seen if this is a good move.  We still miss Joe's Crab Shack, even though Bubba Gumps (which replaced Joe's) is alright. Harlows is more of a coffee shop/breakfast/diner type of spot, with great specials.  Current ClaimJumper menus don't even included breakfast.  Details should be forthcoming soon!

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Nov 23, 2013

Riverside Riverwalk

Riverside Resort

The Riverside is where Laughlin was born.   The Riverside Casino is the 1st Hotel and Casino on Casino Drive after you cross into Nevada from Arizona.   The Laughlin Riverwalk portion of the property is well maintained, clean, safe*, and has great views of the Colorado River and Mountains.

Picture tour of the Riverwalk.  Walking from the Aquarius Casino, the Riverside Tower looms over the walk. (The McDonalds is in the Aquarius).

Often you can see fish, ducks, other birds, in the shallows of the River.  See more here.

Beaver by the Riverside

There is a slight uphill walk to reach the main part of the Riverwalk leading to the Riverside

Once you get to the top and turn, it is a straight, flat shot to the Riverside


There is a large parking lot behind the fence.  This is not accessible to or from the Riverwalk except at the end by the entrance to the Casino.   This most likely helps prevent people from parking in this lot and having a closer walk down to the other Casinos. 
Water Taxi


 The entrance/exit off the Riverwalk to the Riverside

If you pass the gate and keep going the Riverwalk heads down a incline to the lower level of the Riverside

 Unfortunately, this underbelly portion of the Riverwalk has a crowded, smelly, dirty feel to it.  Various delivery and employee vehicles use the road that runs along the sidewalk.  In addition, this is seemingly the break area for Riverside employees and a heavy smoking area.   This is the only property we have seen where they allow the employees to do this right on the Riverwalk. The Water Taxi and Riverside Cruise also dock right nearby, so although it is not as visible as the other sections, many people come down there. 



Old Murals depict various images from Laughlin's past



Once you get past the smoking and docking area there is another slight uphill walk to the other side of the Riverside.  Views are still nice. 

At this point the Riverwalk ends but you can continue on the sidewalk beside the parking lot.

This leads right along the river, through Fisherman's Access Park, The Avenue of Flags, and all the way to the Laughlin-Bullhead City Bridge.   This is a very nice section and with lawn and grass during the spring-summer seasons.   

Below are more posts about other parts of the Riverwalk. 

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*The Riverwalk has always seemed very safe to us.  At night there is some wildlife, just respect them and don't feed them.  If you have small children, keep an eye on them through this section of the Riverwalk.  Some of the railings have large spaces and we have seen a few children come close to falling through.  It is a very long drop to the River below. 

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