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Jun 27, 2018

4th of July Sidewalk Egg Fry in Oatman, Arizona

Oatman, AZ

It's so hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk.

The Annual Oatman Sidewalk Egg Fry competition will be heating up on July 4th at High Noon.

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The Best of Laughlin Awards for 2018 
were recently announced.

Jun 25, 2018

Fireworks in Laughlin for the 4th of July

Laughlin, NV
4th of July Fireworks, and June 30th too!

There will be three fireworks displays in Laughlin to celebrate the 4th of July.
Since the actual 4th of July falls on a Wednesday this year, one of them will take place a bit early, Saturday, June 30th.

Photo from the Laughlin Chamber of Commerce

Rockets Over The River
June 30th and July 4th 9pm
Both shows will be choregraphed to a mix of patriotic and summer fun music.
Great views from anywhere along the Laughlin Riverwalk and many parts of Casino Drive.

Photo from the Avi Resort and Casino

The Avi Resort and Casino will hold their Fireworks show on Wednesday, July 4th at Dusk. Enjoy the show at the Beach Overlook right on the Colorado River. There will be vendors serving food, beer, and other beverages.

Laughlin Buzz Collectible Poker Chips

The Best of Laughlin Awards for 2018 
were recently announced.

Boil Order Lifted for Laughlin - June 25, 2018

June 25, 2018 Contact: Corey Enus FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (702) 219-5193 BOIL WATER ORDER LIFTED FOR LAUGHLIN, Nv ~ Laughlin Water Supplies Meet Drinking Water Standards ~ ~ Customers in the Casino Drive Corridor May Resume Normal Water Use ~ (Laughlin, Nev., June 25) – In conjunction with the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection and the Nevada Bureau of Safe Drinking Water, the Big Bend Water District (BBWD) has lifted the Boiled Water Order in Laughlin, Nev. Water quality sampling and testing has confirmed that Laughlin’s municipal water supplies meet or surpass safe drinking water standards. All customers served by the BBWD may now resume normal water use for cooking, drinking and cleaning. As an added precaution, property owners within Laughlin’ Casino Drive Corridor may flush plumbing system. Commercial properties may resume normal water use. Plumbing systems may be flushed as needed to resume normal business operations. For medical, dental, and foodservice establishments, please refer to the Southern Nevada Health District at 702-759-1110 for guidance or visit the Hot Topics links at For the few residential customers in the area, flushing recommendations are as follows. • Cold Water Flush: Run all cold water taps for three minutes. If you have a single-lever faucet, set it to run the cold water first. • Hot Water Flush: Flush hot water for a minimum of 15 minutes for a typical household 40-gallon hot-water tank, 30 minutes for an 80-gallon hot water tank or larger. Bath tubs provide a great faucet for flushing as the flow is unrestricted from an aerator. Water flushed through tubs and shower drains is captured and recycled. • Dishwashers: After flushing hot water pipes and water heater, run dishwasher empty for one full cycle. • Ice cubes: Automatic ice machines emptied of ice during the boil order may run through a 24-hour cycle, discarding the ice to assure flushing of the ice maker supply line. • Refrigerator water-dispensing machine: Water dispensers from refrigerators should be flushed by at least one quart of water. If unsure of your dispenser's capacity, refer to manufacturer specifications. • Humidifiers: Discard any water used in humidifiers and any medical or health care devices. Rinse the devices with clean water. Consult a heath care professional if appropriate. For more information, BBWD customers can all the 24-hour customer service number at 702-870-4194.

Best of Laughlin 2018 Award Winners

Laughlin, NV

Laughlin Buzz is proud to announce the 

4th Annual Best of Laughlin Award Winners for 2018


Best Overall Awards

Best Casino Resort                           Aquarius Casino Resort
Best Hotel                                          Aquarius Casino Resort
Best Gaming                                      Aquarius Casino Resort
Best Restaurant                                 Saltgrass Steakhouse, Golden Nugget Laughlin
Best Local Casino/Bar                      Old Town Saloon
Best Customer Service                      Harrah’s Laughlin

Best Casino/Gaming Awards

Best Slots                                           Aquarius Casino Resort
Best Table Games                             Harrah’s Laughlin 
Best Video Poker                              Aquarius Casino Resort
Best Live Poker                                Harrah’s Laughlin
Best Video Keno                               Riverside Resort 
Best Live Keno                                 Riverside Resort

Best Players Club                             King of Clubs, Riverside Resort 
Best Bingo                                         Riverside Resort 
Best Casino Bar                                Golden Nugget Laughlin
Best Sports Book                              Aquarius Casino Resort   

Best Restaurant Cuisine Awards

Best Fine Dining                               The Range Steakhouse, Harrah's Laughlin
Best Special Occasion Dining          Gourmet Room, Riverside Resort
Best Breakfast                                   The Chuckwagon, Regency Casino
Best Café/Diner                                 Claim Jumper, Golden Nugget Laughlin
Best Late Night Eats                         Bourbon Street Casino, Laughlin River Lodge
Best Cheap Eats                                The Chuckwagon, Regency Casino

Best Buffet                                         Windows On The River, Aquarius Casino Resort
Best Buffet Crab Legs                     Windows On The River, Aquarius Casino Resort
Best Steak                                          Saltgrass Steakhouse, Golden Nugget Laughlin
Best Prime Rib                                  Prime Rib Room, Riverside Resort
Best Burger                                       The Chuckwagon, Regency Casino
Best Pizza                                          Pint’s Brewery and Sports Bar, Colorado Belle Casino       
Best Mexican Food                           El Burro Borracho, Harrah’s Laughlin
Best Italian Food                              Vineyard Ristorante, Aquarius Casino Resort   

Best Sub/Sandwich                         Capriotti’s, Edgewater Casino Resort
Best Bloody Mary                           Cove Lounge, Aquarius Casino Resort
Best Coffee Shop                             Wild West Coffee, Laughlin Outlet Center                
Best Shrimp Cocktail                     Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Golden Nugget Laughlin
Best Seafood                                    Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Golden Nugget Laughlin
Best BBQ Ribs                                Saltgrass Steakhouse, Golden Nugget Laughlin
Best Desserts/Sweets                      Duet Coffee & Wine, Aquarius Casino Resort 
Best Ice Cream                               Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Laughlin Outlet Center 

Best Places, & Services

Best Place for Happy Hour                         Old Town Saloon
Best Casino Drink Service                          Harrah’s Laughlin
Best Place to Watch Sports                         Bourbon Street Casino, Laughlin River Lodge
Best Pool                                                       Aquarius Casino Resort 
Best Beach                                                    Harrah’s Laughlin 
Best Casino Gift Shop                                 General Store, Laughlin River Lodge
Best River Cruise                                         U.S.S. Riverside, Riverside Resort

Best Spa Services                                         Jean Jeffrey The Salon & Day Spa, Riverside Resort
Best Wedding Venue                                    Harrah’s Laughlin
Best Catering                                                Harrah’s Laughlin                                                      
Best Security                                                 Aquarius Casino Resort
Best Valet                                                      Golden Nugget, Laughlin 
Best Casino Sign                                           Tropicana Laughlin
Best Casino Exterior Look                          Golden Nugget Laughlin

Best Lounge for Live Music                        Tango's Lounge, Tropicana Laughlin
Best Lounge for Dancing                             Gold Diggers, Golden Nugget Laughlin               
Best Concert Venue                                      Laughlin Event Center
Best Place to Shop                                        Burkes Outlet, Laughlin Outlet Center
Best Movie Theater                                      Riverside Resort
Best Riverwalk Area                                    Pioneer Hotel & Gambling Hall  

Best People Awards
Best Chef                                                         Mike Bartels, Aquarius Casino Resort
Best Casino Host                                            Jennie Dye, Harrah’s Laughlin
Best Restaurant Server                                 Tina Reano, Aquarius Casino Resort
Best Coffee Barista                                        The Cowboy, Wild West Coffee   
Best Bartender                                               John Roddy, Big Horn Café Lounge, Laughlin River Lodge
Best Casino Cocktail Server                          Luck Hooper, Aquarius Casino Resort
Best Customer Service Employee                 Michelle Cunningham, Aquarius Casino Resort
Best Local Business Owner                           Jessica Gorton, Wild West Coffee   

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who voted!

We encourage everyone to support all our Laughlin businesses, services, organizations, events, and attractions.

By doing so you are helping the economy, growth and development of the community and our local area.         

Media or advertising inquiries, please contact Laughlin Buzz at: 
(702) 757-1043 
 P.O. Box  30284,
Laughlin, NV  89028



Winners may download a logo for use at
or email us for a copy.

Jun 23, 2018


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                       Contact:      Corey Enus  (702) 219-5193

(Laughlin, Nev., June 23) – Effective immediately, the Big Bend Water District has issued a Boiled Water Order to properties and water users within Casino Drive corridor of Laughlin, Nev. in response to a water main break near Bruce Woodbury Drive and Casino Drive (does not apply to properties in Arizona). Water District crews are onsite and making repairs.

While repairs are under way, a Boil Water Order has been issued for all 
water users in Laughlin located between the following streets (see map):
  • Thomas Edison Drive (west boundary)
  • Casino Drive (east boundary)
  • State Route 163 (north boundary)
  • Harrah’s Laughlin (south boundary)
 Properties located outside of the area identified above an on the map are not affected by this Boil Water Advisory.

All water users in area identified above must take the following action:

  • Boiled or bottled water should be used for drinking, making ice, washing dishes, brushing teeth and food preparation until further notice.
  • To meet recommendations for a “Boil Water Order,” bring the water to a rolling boil for 1 minute and cool before using. Timing starts when the water starts to bubble. Cool the water then place it in clean containers for use or refrigerate.
  • The water can be used for hand washing; however, additional disinfection such as hand sanitizer is recommended.
  • Laughlin residents and businesses take immediate steps to reduce water use. 
  • Shut off outdoor sprinklers and irrigation systems.
  • Do not use water outdoors.
  • Although the Big Bend Water District has reservoirs throughout the area, storage capacity is limited.
 This Boil Water Order remains in effect until future notification.

For more information, BBWD customers can all the 24-hour customer service number at 702-870-4194.
The Boil Water Order applies to all Laughlin, Nev. properties highlighted in the area in red.

Megatoppers Pizza in Bullhead City, AZ

Laughlin, NV

*Review - MegaToppers in Bullhead City

We seldom order Pizza. When we do it is usually from somewhere in Laughlin. Like Mama's Pizzeria, or before they closed, La Piazza Pizza.

We had been looking forward to finally trying Aldape's Deli Pizza --- BUT when we called they had already closed.

Since we had a Megatoppers Menu and had heard so many good things about their pizza, we decided to give it a try. 

We ordered two pizzas and a couple orders of chicken wings.

The pizza was ok but it wasn't what we expected after reading the positive raves and reviews about it on Facebook.

 Pizza is a very subjective topic, everyone certainly has their own preferences and tastes, so this is just our opinion.

Less Toppings, More Sauce

Megatoppers lives up to their name with an overabundance of topping.  The toppings were good, unfortunately there should of been more sauce.

The crust was just ok too, but we wold of preferred a thinner, crisper crust. The outside of the crust of the pizza was very wide, too much so.

*Here is a one line summary of the Pizza (from everyone who had some when we ordered):

If you put it in a Pizza Hut Box I would believe it was from there.

Adequate yet unspectacular Pizza, better than Little Caesars or Dominos.

It's good Pizza, I like it.  I would get it again. 

It's good enough when you are hungry for Pizza.

Too many toppings and they overwhelm the slice, not enough sauce. 

The Chicken Wings were cooked well and better than the pizza.  We ordered mild but should of went with hot as there was very little heat to them.  Plus they were a bit pricey.  Two pizzas and a couple orders of wings ran us about $42.  Too high a price for the quality. 

We still haven't found a really great pizza in the area. At least not like we were used to in other places we lived.  It's all about the perfect crust, fresh toppings and a good sauce.  Maybe we are too picky!

Next time we will try Aldape's or the new Mario's Pizza in the mall.

If you try MegaToppers, come over to
our Facebook Group and share your review!

* This review is provided as information and entertainment purposes only.  The views contained herein are just our personal opinion based on our personal experience.  Your's may vary.