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Feb 2, 2021

Laughlin visitor numbers down almost 800,000 in 2020, decreased by 43.7%

 Laughlin, NV

2020 total visitors to Laughlin:

2020                    1,029,900            visitors

2019                     1,829,700         visitors

This is a year to year decrease of ‐43.7%


According to the latest LVCVA statistics, Laughlin visitor numbers dropped by 49% in December of 2020 compared to December of 2019.

Comparing December 2020 to December 2019

Dec.. 2020  59,300  visitors 

Dec. 2019  116,300   visitors

This is a -49% decrease

This method is traditionally how comparisons are made, as each month of a calendar year has specific metrics that affect visitation. 

Since the pandemic began, the LVCVA has also been publishing month to month comparisons.  This type of comparison does not take into account the seasonal expected visitor variations that occur.  

Comparing December 2020 to November of 2020

Dec. 2020  59,300 visitors 

Nov.  2020  81,200 visitors

This is a -27,7% decrease 

     Graphic from LVCVA.Com

Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) was down, however the Average Daily Room Rate was up.  

December Gaming Revenue for Laughlin Down 19.59%

*Source graphic and data:  Las Vegas Visitor and Convention Authority, LVCVA.Com
Blue Lagoon Lounge located at the Bay Shore Inn