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Jan 6, 2013

Beer, Burgers, a Challenge, Apps and a Sweet 16

Pints Micro-Brewery and Restaurant - Open 24 hours 

Pints at the Colorado Belle in Laughlin, Nevada.

Over the past year or so we have visited Pints several times.  At times this is due to the fact that there are currently very limited choices to dine at the Colorado Belle.   The Tortilla place closed long ago, then the Gallery Cafe closed, followed by Mangia.  Mark Twains (we have yet to try) and the buffet are the only ones currently open on the upper deck of the Belle.  As of mid December Mark Twains is only open Friday through Tuesdays from 4 to 9PM.  (Check the website if you want to visit there as it could change).

When the Gallery Cafe closed, Pints changed to be open 24 hours and also serve breakfast.

We have yet to visit for breakfast.  Note they do serve a Graveyard Special late night consisting of a Giant Ham Steak and Eggs for $4.99.

Pints is either a place you will love or dislike and it can vary depending on the particular visit.  This includes the atmosphere, the service, and the food.  If nothing else can be said, they do have a certain inconsistency.
We have mostly stuck to Apps, Burgers and Sandwiches.  The lone exception was to try the Steak Special- the Sweet 16*.  This will be the saved for the end of this post.

Items we have tried and enjoyed:

The Burgers
A nice selection of burgers.  You can even choose and build your own burger by filling out the form on the table.  Choose your meat, bun, toppings, cheese, type of fries.  It's a nice option.  Burgers are very good, ask for them medium or medium well as they tend to be cooked very well done.  They also have a Big Firkin burger and a Challenge (more on that later) for those with a big appetite.

The Bomber Burrito ($14.99) is huge, easily can be a meal for two people. We tried the chicken, you can choose steak.  It was hot, fresh and very good.  Better than those we have had at local places such as Humbertos, the Beach Cafe, Serranos, and Baja Blue.

Half Pound Hot Pastrami was also a good choice.  The menu says it may be the best you ever had. May is the key word.  The Pastrami was good, lean, firm.  We liked it but not the best ever, still would recommend it though if you like Pastrami.

The Beer and Cheese Soup (in a bread bowl) is excellent.  With the bread it is a very filling item.  We would love it if they would serve it in a bowl with a side of a good piece or bread.

The Wings are also a decent appetizer, with several choices of sauce.  Nicely cooked.

Finally, the Chicken Lettuce Wraps on the appetizer menu are very good.  Not quite as tasty as the ones we tried in Vegas, such as at PF Changs but still one of our favorites.

Other items:

The Tater Skins are just ordinary.  Similar to any you get in any other place.

The Fried Schrooms, which we normally like had an odd taste.  This was on two different occasions.  Either like they were burnt or cooked in old oil.  Pass.

Pizza (only tried by the younger members who have dined with us) was called excellent.  Many people order it so it must be decent.

*Sweet 16 Special.  Don't be tempted by the value.  Currently $14.99 (with the Access players card).  16 is used because you get a 16 oz. T-Bone, Baked Potato (16 oz) and 16 oz. (Pint) of brew.   We tried this on one occasion and another person in our party tried it a second time.  Unfortunately despite how good a offer it appears we did not enjoy it at all.   The potato is huge and filling but its just a potato.  The T-Bone is the worst part, a very tough, gristly piece of meat.  It was even difficult to cut, full of uneatable fat, and hard to chew.  This was not just one time but both times.  In addition we have seen other diners near us order this and send it back or be very dissatisfied.   The 16 oz. beer was good though!

Lastly if you have a huge appetite and want your name and picture on the wall try the Big Challenge.  Finish it in 45 minutes and it is free.  It seems doable, though we are thinking the Huge Cinnamon roll might be the undoing for many people.  Give it a try!  If you do send us a note telling us about your experience.

 You can't go wrong at Pints by going for a Burger and a Beer. or Appetizers.  They have games, sports, and fights on the televisions.  It can be packed or almost empty.  The atmosphere is noisy regardless and it has a cold, metal, dark feel to it.  You can play video poker at the bar.  By design of course, since it was originally called the Boiler Room and is fashioned to be just that in the theme of the Colorado Belle paddle boat.   Make sure you have the Access players card for discounts and they do accept comps from both the Colorado Belle and the Edgewater Access Card.

Beer.  Besides a full bar, they are a micro brewery.  Selections have been at times unavailable.  The staff usually does not seem well informed on the beers available.  They will let you try a sample though to see if you like one.  Just ask.

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