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Feb 1, 2013

Pics from Colorado River: Laughlin and Bullhead City

 The Colorado River was at a very low level so we took a walk down the shoreline on the Arizona side directly across from the Laughlin Casinos.  The River looked low and shallow enough that one could walk across it, though we wouldn't recommend trying.  Even though it was still January the temperature was in the mid 60's and there was some wind but not enough to be cold.

Pedestrian Bridge from Laughlin, NV to Bullhead City, AZ
View of the Colorado River from the Bridge


Right after the bridge there is a small park.  Sometimes when the water is low enough you can go right under the bridge.  There is no camping in the area.  Sadly enough there are occasional homeless people forced to seek shelter here.  There is a short path with signs marking the various plants and trees.  Watch out for skunks and raccoons as well. 
Heritage Park Lookout
Heritage Park Lookout
 Just past the Lookout park is a Water Taxi stand that you can take to cross over to the Riverside dock. There is a small island.  This day there were lots of birds and even a couple fisherman trying their luck.

Further down the Colorado River across from the Aquarius Casino 

The very small island in the River

Riverside Hotel and Casino in the background behind the island
Rentals available during the Season
Tables in the shadows of Palm Tree



Looking back upstream toward the Riverside

Bridge and Davis Dam way in the background

Edgewater Hotel and Casino just across the river

Plane that just took off from Laughlin-Bullhead International Airport

Shot down river with Colorado Belle and  River Palms Casino in the distance

Colorado Belle Hotel and Casino across the river

The last Casinos on the strip.  Plus River Rick (cowboy sign at the Pioneer)

Pioneer Gambling Hall and Casino, River Palms, and Harrahs

The only Casino Drive Casino you cannot see from this vantage point is the Tropicana Laughlin (which is on the other side of the street)   When the river is at normal levels it is not possible, or not as easy to walk along the shore/beach.

Below is a very short video clip taken on the same day from the same spot.

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