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Jun 21, 2013

Fresh Market Buffet at Harrah's Laughlin

We were attending the Jeff Dunham show at Harrah's Laughlin and decided to eat dinner first.

Baja Blue had a big line and the only other choices there are Fast Food or the very pricey steakhouse.  So onto the Fresh Market Square Buffet it was.  We didn't realize it was Steak Night so got sticker shocked at the cashier.  One doesn't expect to pay upwards of $80 with a couple of drinks for a Buffet (3 people) in Laughlin.   Despite the price of the buffet the lines were still pretty deep.  With a Total Rewards players card of Platinum or higher you can skip fast through the VIP lines.  We definitely wouldn't of waited a half hour or more for this buffet.

Got seated and our drinks came promptly.  No silverware on the table.  You must go to the silverware section to get it yourself.  Since we still tip at a buffet, shouldn't they at least put the silverware down for you?   Every other buffet we have been to does so.

The buffet does have a very good selection, from Italian, Shrimp, Chinese, Carving Board Meats.  Something for everyone.   Everything was fresh, hot, replaced promptly and kept clean.

The steak was called a N.Y. Strip steak.  The chef was grilling them right behind the area on the Buffet where they were served.  He grilled them medium rare, medium, and well done and there was a platter for each choice.    One steak a member of our party took from the medium platter was very well done.  He returned that one and got another one that was just right.  The trick is to time it just right and wait for the chef to put your steak choice on the platter from the grill.  Do this and you will get it hot and juicy.  The steaks are cut ultra thin.  Perhaps 1/4 inch at most.  Never have seen a NY strip cut so thin.  Reminded us of what you would get in a steak sandwich.

The Prime Rib was very good, much better than any other we have had at Laughlin Buffets.
The Shrimp (peel and eat) and breaded, fried were good.
Salad bar selections were good.
Desserts were very good.  You can choose from some selections placed out on plates, or you can go up to the glass counter and select what you want.  Many choices.  Plus they had soft serve ice cream and 4 choices of flavors or regular hand scooped ice cream.
Chocolate Covered Strawberries.

Low points:
The ribs were fatty and not very good.
The pasta for the most part was overcooked (typical for a buffet)
Breads on the buffet were not that fresh.
Pizza could of passed for frozen variety.
They took out the little self server coffee/expresso/latte machine they used to have there.  We used to love that but it is gone and we couldn't even located our waitress at dessert time to get a regular coffee.

The bottom line is a buffet no matter what the special of the night might still a buffet.  Go to a buffet and expect buffet quality and food.  Yes, some of this one was good.  Definitely not worth 20+ dollars a person (our opinion) though.  It is all a matter of preference and how much you love buffet food.  If you love them, this would be one of the best buffet choices in Laughlin.

Unless we are in a pinch to find somewhere to eat we probably won't return to this Buffet again.

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