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Sep 27, 2013

Laughlin Nightlife and Wildlife

Laughlin Nightlife...and Wildlife

 Recently, during a walk along the Laughlin Riverwalk at night, we encountered a dozen or so skunks and raccoons.  These are very often seen by the Edgewater Hotel and Casino and along the Riverwalk between the Edgewater and Aquarius.  

On this particular day we saw them everywhere, including a family of raccoons by the River Palms. These ones seemed very unafraid of people and we actually abandoned our walk and cut through the hotel to avoid them.    Unfortunately, upon seeing these animals on the Riverwalk, many people want to snap photo's of them or get up close to see them.  We were surprised how many people got within what we considered an unsafe distance of the skunks.

Worse yet were people who were feeding them.  One woman was intent on feeding a group of the wild (feral) cats that are also on the River and did not even notice two skunks come up behind her.  They joined the cats snacking on what she was tossing to them from a plastic bag.  Luckily she was able to walk away quickly.

For your own safety, and for others on the Riverwalk, enjoy seeing these wild animals from a distance.  Look at them, keep on moving, and leave them alone.   Feeding them is dangerous and makes them more of a nuisance.  This includes the stray cats.   Rabies, bites and being sprayed can become a reality.

Do Not Do This!

Photos of Golden Nugget Laughlin - Resort Images
This photo is from a picture on TripAdvisor

Other common sights along the River are various Lizards (often seen sunning themselves).

Cranes and other Birds 

And of course, pigeons, ducks, hummingbirds especially between the
 Aquarius and Edgewater and Colorado Belle Casinos

A hummingbird on the Riverwalk by the Riverside Casino

The Colorado Belle Koi Carp in the Moat.  
You can also see very large regular carp in the shallows of the River. 

Baby Koi Carp

Various Insects such as the invasion of Crickets that were present last spring.

Snakes are always a possibility as well.  We have only seen two in recent years.  One was sunning itself by the river in the part of the area area beyond the end of the Riverwalk (past the River Palms).

This area is not marked as no trespassing. The other one was a yellow one in our yard.  Didn't get a picture or identify either one.   It is very unlikely you will see one on the main part of the Riverwalk.  

And of course, prior to her demise, Moola the Regency Cow

and the Big Monkeys holding Torches

Enjoy the sights, the wildlife, the beauty, the scenery along the Riverwalk, but please do not feed the animals!

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