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Mar 4, 2015

Carnegie's Cafe at Tropicana Laughlin

Laughlin, NV
Tropicana Laughlin
Carnegie's Cafe - Restaurant Review

Except for one very late night/early morning breakfast we have not been to Carnegie's Dining Car Carnegie's Cafe in quite awhile.

One of the recent changes, upgrades and remodels that have taken place at the Trop over the past few months included some menu changes as well as the name change for this popular 24-hour cafe.


We visited twice last month.

First visit:
Despite it being busy we were seated right away and our server took our drink orders.  We decided to try the Prime Rib.  Upon ordering it we were told they were out of Medium and Medium Rare.   So we went with Medium Well.  One small cut and one larger.  Both came cooked as close to well done as you can get.  The prime rib was still flavorful and seasoned well.  While it wasn't the absolute best Prime Rib we have had, for a cafe/diner place it was good.  Very little fat and honestly much better than one we had recently elsewhere for a higher price . Veggies, heavy on the Broccoli, and a Baked Potato were good.  The cafe was very busy and our server, Sal, was overworked but did his best and was very friendly.

Second visit:
This time three of us visited. We were seated right away and the restaurant was again busy.  But our server didn't show up at the table for 10 minutes to take drink orders.  By then we had decided what we wanted so to prevent another wait we ordered drinks and our meals.  We went with a more traditional cafe order this time.  To start an order of the chicken wings as an appetizer.  We were told they only come in hot or BBQ, so went with hot.  Main orders were one Hot Open Faced Turkey Sandwich and two of their new Gourmet Steak Burgers they advertise.

The wings came almost a half hour after we had ordered.  They were soaking and covered in hot sauce and way too hot.  We should of went with BBQ or better yet they should offer a couple choices of heat levels.

The hot turkey sandwich was real turkey breast, fresh and tender, covered with gravy and served with fries. Plus a small side container of cranberry.   Everyone around us was also ordering it so it must be a popular choice.   This is something we would order again.      

Gourmet Steak Burger

We were looking forward to the burger but it slightly disappointed.   The burger itself was thinner and drier than expected.  The toppings were fresh but the bun was like one that would come out of a $1.49 package from Safeway.  Thin and doughy so the burger and toppings overwhelmed it.  It wasn't terrible but definitely not in the top 5 of places to get a good burger in Laughlin Sorry to say we would not consider this a Gourmet Steak Burger but will give them the benefit of the doubt that this was just an off night and probably try one again sometime.  Everything (usually) deserves a second chance.  The thick steak fries with the burger were also served semi-cold and could of been cooked a bit longer for crispness  This was because service was very slow. Our server was friendly but kept apologizing for the delays.

Despite being there so long we ordered dessert, as they have always had good ones.  The strawberry cake was as good as always and is highly recommended. We also ordered one of their large Eclairs to take home.  Sorry to all the Eclair fans at another place in Laughlin but this one is much better!  You can also grab one at the Poolside Cafe.

The cafe also offers daily specials - watch the board as you enter.  They also have specials on the placard on the table.

They also currently offer the following specials (be sure to check ahead as things do change): 
BUILD YOUR OWN OMELET2 item omelet with hash browns & toast.  $4.99 with Trop Advantage Card.
Available 7 a.m. – 11 a.m. Monday – Friday.
STEAK & EGGS with Hash Browns and Toast.  
Available Midnight to 5 a.m. $3.99 with Trop Advantage Card.

The cafe is right off the Casino floor and across from the Caboose lounge so it is a loud dining experience, which was fine with us.   There are many other options to choose from and a late night menu posted on their website.  The regular menu isn't up there yet, nor have they changed some of the headings to reflect the name change (as of this writing on 3-4-15).  They do accept comps off your Trop players card.


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