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Dec 7, 2017

Dinner at Claim Jumper - Golden Nugget Laughlin

Laughlin, Nevada 

Golden Nugget Laughlin - Claim Jumper

If you are looking for a spot for dinner in Laughlin, NV, Claim Jumper is worth considering.  

Recently, we debated between Bubba Gump's Shrimp Co. or Claim Jumper.  There was no wait so we went with CJ. 

On this visit the food was good, however, the service was lacking.  Usually if a place is busy we can overlook slowness or an occasional error.  This time it was early and only a few customers were in the entire restaurant. 

We were asked wanted to drink and if we wanted an appetizer before we had even opened the menus.  We ordered an app, and our drinks came, so we also ordered dinner. 

Before we knew it our soup and salad arrived.  Mid way through them we realized, no appetizer. At this point we figured it would never arrive and did not mind as we didn't really want it after all.  It never did show up, so she apparently forgot to put it in or bring it to the table.  That was odd considering how quickly she took the order for it.    

The clam chowder was very good and a big serving. However, it tasted better than it looked, it had almost been spilled or the bowl sloppily filled when it came to the table.  

The Shrimp and Tri-Tip was very good.  Almost as good as the Tri-Tip sandwich they serve for lunch.  

As the meals were served we asked the waitress for additional cocktail sauce and she said she would be right back with it. Over 20 minutes later she brought it and apologized for the delay.  We were not asked how everything was until then and were not offered a refill on drinks.  

Receiving, paying, and getting change from our bill also took far too long.  We don't recall having such bad service at Claim Jumper.  We will still visit again though. Every place or server can have an off night or circumstances happen.  

Claim Jumper is located just off the Casino floor right next to the Atrium.  

Had we known going in that the service was going to be bad and that we were going to end up ordering Shrimp and Clam Chowder, we should of chose Bubba Gump's. They did win Best Seafood in the 2017 Best of Laughlin Awards. Maybe next time!

Christmas Decorations are also up at the Golden Nugget.   

All pictures were taken by Laughlin Buzz and the review herein is based solely on our opinion from this particular visit.   

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