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Oct 5, 2018

The "not" 99 Cent Shrimp Cocktail at the Big Easy Colorado Belle

Laughlin, NV
Colorado Belle Casino
Big Easy Deli 

You can't find a 99 cent Shrimp Cocktail in the Casinos anymore.    The next best thing is getting one "free with comps".   Like this one at the Big Easy Deli in the Colorado Belle in Laughlin. 

The Big Easy Deli has soups, salads, and both hot and cold deli-style sandwiches. Plus various desserts and even smoothies.  

We often get dining credit (comps) from even minimal play at the Edgewater or Colorado Belle.   Redeeming them at the Big Easy Deli is a good option.  

We even won 50 dollars playing a Dragon penny slot before that. Plus two drinks and a Corona to BYOB to the Deli.   Drink service on the floor was amazingly fast too. 

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