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May 31, 2019

Laughlin Gaming Revenue Drops For 3rd Month in a Row - April 2019

Laughlin, NV

Nevada Gaming Revenue (Win) Reports 

Laughlin showed another drop in monthly gaming revenue.  For April 2019  Laughlin gaming revenue was $45,391,501  (April 2019)  compared to $46,635,942 (April 2018) 

This is a decrease of -2.67% 

This is the 3rd consecutive gaming revenue drop. 

For Laughlin, so far in 2019 gaming revenue was:

January    +1.83% 
February   -0.68%
March       -4.23%

April          -2.67%


This gaming revenue decrease of -2.67% was reported in spite of April featuring a Brad Paisly concert at the Laughlin Event Center and the annual Laughlin River Run. 

April Gaming Revenue Breakdowns by other areas:

Las Vegas Strip            down   -3.53% 
Downtown Las Vegas   up         2.13%
North Las Vegas          down    -0.46% 
Boulder Strip                down    -0.26%  (includes Casinos in Henderson) 
Laughlin                       down    -2.67%  
Mesquite                       up         4.00%

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