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Aug 1, 2019

Laughlin Casinos post 8.41% gain in Gaming Revenue for June 2019

Laughlin, NV

Nevada Gaming Revenue (Win) Report for Laughlin 

Laughlin gaming revenue as reported by the Nevada Gaming Board was $39,413,079 for June of 2019 compared to $36,356,162 in June of 2018.  

This is an increase of  8.41% 

June Gaming Revenue Breakdowns area:

Las Vegas Strip             up         17.69% 
Downtown Las Vegas   up         18.55%
North Las Vegas            up        13.03% 
Boulder Strip                 up          9.45%   (includes Casinos in Henderson) 
Laughlin                         up          8.41%  
Mesquite                        up          2.91%

For Laughlin, so far in 2019 gaming revenue by month was:

January    +1.83% 
February   -0.68%
March       -4.23%
April          -2.67%
May          +3.22%
June         +8,41%

Even though Gaming Revenue was up, June Visitor Volume to Laughlin was down 4.1% compared to the same period in 2018.  

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