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Dec 29, 2019

Daniel's at the Laughlin Outlet Center - Review


From the day that place opened in the mall food court, we find ourselves eating there at least every other week or depending on our schedule, we eat there two-three times a week.

We have had his hamburgers. (Wednesdays it’s 2 for 1--- no casino or anyone in BHC can surpass his burgers,). The chili cheese dogs, Mexican bowls, burritos, the list goes on. This place is absolutely amazing. Not ONLY is the food AND QUANTITY there beyond belief, Daniel the owner? ALWAYS so pleasant, ALWAYS a smile when he greets you.

This morning we were craving something SMALL to eat. He was not even open yet, however, I went over there and asked him IF by chance if he would make us a breakfast burrito? It is NOT on the menu, however, we figured what the heck, ask, all he can say is no!!! He asked if we were in a hurry, well yeah, however, if it wasn’t going to be an hr. we would wait. What would you like in the burrito? “We don’t know, eggs, potatoes, bacon is fine and whatever else you want to put in the burrito we said. Well…………. we only had to wait 15 min. and we still can not figure out all that he had in that burrito besides the eggs, bacon, and potatoes. It was STUFFED!!! It was delicious!!!! The darn thing had to weigh a pound!!!!! Seriously!!! The bottom line here is: He went above and beyond to accommodate a customer!!! He did NOT have breakfast burritos on his menu!! He could have told us to take a hike!!! I am NOT OPEN & I DO NOT SELL BREAKFAST BURRITOS!!!

IF you have NOT TRIED DANIELS AT THE OUTLET CENTER FOOD COURT, you are missing out. His prices are very reasonable and he does have SPECIALS during the week. What we also like about eating at Daniels is how clean and neat looking his place is and HE WEARS GLOVES WHEN HE PREPARES YOUR FOOD!!!

Review courtesy of Vicki Moore


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