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Mar 28, 2021

Laughlin Visitor Numbers for February 2021 down -36.4%

Laughlin, NV 

According to the latest LVCVA statistics, visitor counts to Laughlin in February (2021) were 88,400 compared to 138,900 in February of 2020. 

This is a -36.4% decline, which was expected due to the pandemic and restrictions in place. 

The ADR (Average Daily Room Rate) for February was $59.56 compared to $47.28 in February of 2020. This is an increase of 26.0% 

Total Room nights occupied were down -36.7%.

Lack of charter flights caused a fairly significant decrease in the number of visitors.  Visitor counts at the Laughlin/Bullhead City airport for February were just 6,609 compared to 27,233 in February of 2020, a decrease of -75.7% 

By comparison, the Las Vegas saw a  53.8% decrease in visitors for February of 2021.  In Mesquite, who had a increase in gaming revenue of 5.08%, there was a only a -12% decrease in visitor numbers. 

Gaming Revenue in Laughlin was down -30.81%% for February  Read more

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Laughlin 2020 Visitor Summary

In 2020, due to the pandemic, visitor numbers to Laughlin decreased by over 800,000. 

Total visitors to Laughlin in 2020:    1,029,900            

Total visitors to Laughlin in 2019:    1,829,700        

This was a year to year decrease of ‐43.7%

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