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Jan 9, 2015

Aquarius Casino Resort Getting a Face Lift

Laughlin, NV
Aquarius Casino Resort

Update:  1-12-2015  
The sign is almost completely dismantled.  Here is how it looked this morning.

The Neon sign of the Aquarius before work began this week. 

We were in and out of Laughlin since the 28th of December and came back to several changes happening.

Earlier we reported they had started to repave and improve the look of the Riverwalk behind the Casino.   They completed one section before the Holidays.

Now they are back at it again, removing the circle outside the rear (Riverwalk) entrance and making changes to the neon sign out front.

The main entrance and old valet area is now closed.  So is the handicap parking.  They have put several handicap parking spots in the first row of the parking lot opposite the parking garage.

Valet is being done to the far left behind the tower.  To enter the Casino you have to go down the corridor between the right tower and the garage and enter the side doors.

It appears they are replacing the neon sign.  Time will tell what the new look will be....

Sadly, the pieces of the sign are being piled in the parking lot by the dumpster. 

 They have also taken all the neon that lined the ceiling before the row of doors at the entrance.

Work also continues on the Riverwalk side of the Casino - Hotel 

This first set of photos were from a day ago.  

Just today, 1-9-15, they are making good progress already.  
Here are photo's taken and how it looked this afternoon.

You can still access the Riverwalk from the Aquarius but not through the doors where the circle was.  Use the doors by the Cove Bar or the Buffet.

Doors closed on 1-9-15

We wonder if this neon will be removed as well?

Also, you cannot get to the Edgewater, can only go in the direction of the Riverside. 
That is sure to change soon as they are making fast progress on this project.

No official word on how long the improvements will take, though speculation is a month time frame. We will share more on the progress as we hear about it or see it.  Stop back soon.  Or join our Laughlin Buzz Facebook group here to get the latest buzz in Laughlin.

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