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Apr 14, 2015

Coco's Restaurant Inspection Results

Laughlin, NV

Coco's Restaurant
Southern Nevada Health District - Inspection Result
Inspection date:   4-2-2015

Coco's is located on the lower, Riverwalk level of the Edgewater Resort Casino in Laughlin, NV.

On April 2, 2015 an inspection by the Southern Nevada Health District of Coco's Cook's Line resulted in a "C" grade with 28 demerits based on numerous violations.  But that is not all. They also inspected the Dishroom/Cooler/Storeroom and that area was given a "B" grade with 14 demerits.   

An "A" grade/rating is considered a top, passing grade.  All screen shots included here are taken directly from the Southern Nevada Health District website as of 4-14-15. 

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Among the numerous violations recorded were those for handwashing, protection of food from contamination during storage, preparation and from contamination by employees and consumers.  Also effective pest control and proper temperature controls for the food.   See the entire list in the picture below.

 A look at previous inspections showed a reinspection A grade with zero demerits back in January of 2014.  This was a follow up to a worse inspection just seven days earlier.

To add to that bad news, the Dishroom/Cooler/Storeroom at Coco's failed to get an A rating as well. They received a "B" rating with the following demerits and violations. 


A look at previous inspections for the Dishroom/Cooler/Storerom shows all A grades but not without some violations. 

We will share the reinspection results when they are posted by SNHD.  Keep in mind this reinspection may have already occurred as there is a lag time between inspections and posting on their website.   

Always check by the door or hostess stand at a restaurant for their (required) posting of the current inspection grade certificate. 

You can visit the  SNHD  Website io look up restaurants in Laughlin or anywhere in Southern Nevada. There is a search feature.  For Laughlin use Zipcode 89029.   Keep in mind, once a restaurant has a reinspection the original list of violations is no longer viewable. 

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*All content in this blog post are presented for informational purposes only and use data taken from the Southern Nevada Health District website.   We received no compensation from the properties or restaurants in this blog post and are not in any way affiliated with them.  

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