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May 3, 2016

Laughlin River Run 2016 - Attendance & Police Reports


The Laughlin River Run completed with no major incidents reported.  Registered attendance was about the same as last year, 35,000.   This does not include people or bikers who joined the rally and did not register with the official promoter (a $25 registration fee, which included entry into various events, etc.).

LVMPD reported the following statistics:

There was a 62% increase in the number of arrests and a 181% increase in the number of traffic citations.

56 arrests, of which there were:
8 were felony violations,
1 gross misdemeanor,
47 misdemeanors.
0 Motorcycle thefts

9 of those arrests were for DUI

551 Traffic Citations    

The Bullhead City Police reported:

A 55% increase in arrests which were:

  • 34 arrests
  • 40 traffic citations      
  • Of which there were: 3 DUI's, 3 Narcotics Arrests

From our personal experience from visiting the Casino drive over the 4 days, we felt-
  • There were bigger crowds. From our perspective at least, it seemed to be more of a weekend biker or non-biker crowd than a traditional biker crowd.  
  • There seemed to be more Vendors, with less parking space in the Casino lots. 
  • More children, which we feel shouldn't be permitted in the areas where alcohol is being sold.
  • Overall, in spite of or perhaps due to the higher arrests and citations, it seemed to be an overall safe and well run event. 
Is the annual Laughlin River Run becoming more of a higher priced event and less of a traditional Bike Rally?  We aren't sure but that was the feel we came away with.

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  1. I guess the new criteria for "a good event" is when no one dies! Only 8 felony violations? Is that supposed to be a good number?

  2. Yes, at least according to substation commander - “Overall the event was a success, with no major incidents,” said Healy.

    1. It is an improvement over April 27th 2002 when the Hell's Angels and the Mongrols had a shootout at Harrahs.4 dead if memory serves me correctly. Of course, in terms of revenue, that was a successful event too!