Laughlin Buzz

May 28, 2016

Laughlin Visitor Numbers up for April 2016

Laughlin, Nevada

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority reported that visitor volume to Laughlin for April was up 5.9% (compared to April of 2015).

Laughlin April visitor volume was up 5.9 percent to 171,516 people.

Occupancy rates were up 4 percentage points 69.4 percent in Laughlin.

The average daily room rate was up 3.9 percent to $54.15 in Laughlin.


For 2016, by month, the number of visitors were:

April  2016:       171,516    +5.9%       compared to April of 2015
March 2016:      176,338    +1.3%       compared to March of 2015
February 2016:  157,426    +3.4%       compared to February of 2015
January 2016:    139,869    -5.5%        compared to January of 2015

April was also the month of the annual Laughlin River Run Bike Rally

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  1. They probably all came to see the pink and white polka dots on the electrical box out in front of the convenience store! ha ha h a

    1. That is funny! Of all the nice designs and art on the other boxes, that blend in and fit the area and landscape, we get the polka dots to look at every day!