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Aug 17, 2016

Good Prime Rib, Good Value, Great View

Laughlin, Nevada

Prime Rib Room 
Riverside Resort

This was our first visit to the Prime Rib Room at the Riverside Resort in several years.

Prime Rib is the featured selection, but they also offer Chicken or a Fish selection.   Included in the $16,99 price is the Salad and Potato Bar, Dessert Bar, and Coffee, Tea or a Soft Drink.   Alcoholic beverages are also available, served separately from the nearby lounge.

The Prime Rib was a very big cut especially for the price.  Overall it was very good and a great value for the price.  I forgot to get a picture of it

The salad bar was stocked with everything and was very fresh.   At the potato bar you could choose from a baked potato, au gratin type potatoes or potato wedges, plus all the toppings to choose from. Carrots, Creamed Spinach, Dinner Rolls were also available. 

Desserts included regular and sugar free varieties of cake and pie, plus soft serve ice cream.   

Although you go up to the bar to help yourself for everything else, the prime rib is served at the table with a choice of mild or hot horseradish and au jus.  

For $16.99 you probably cannot find a better value than this in Laughlin. 

We had a great view just as the sun was starting to set.  


Service was very good, fast, and attentive.  They do take reservations and during busy times or if you want a seat right by the window, they are recommended.   

Overall it was good prime rib, good value, and great view.  We had the added bonus of a fun time with good friends, Mark Villalovos and Rudy Rios.  Thank you for inviting us!

We definitely won't wait so long to try the Prime Rib Room again.      

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