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Aug 22, 2016

"Looking Over The Fence" - Former Mohave Generating Station Site in Laughlin, NV

Laughlin, NV

"Looking over the Fence"- A 12 minute look over the fence at the former Mohave Generating Plant Site in the center of Laughlin, Nevada. 

I know this posting might show a little of the economic development side of our efforts at the Laughlin Economic Development Corporation but the entire tri-state area as been waiting for this sale and private development since the plant closed in 2005. The development possibilities are evident and have been for over a decade. Thank you for taking the time to view.

Description-Former Mohave Generating Station Site- and Griffith Switch Station-approximately 2200 acres will be offered for sale and private development in December 2016 by the four utility company owners. 

Best viewed at 1080HD

Relevant SCE Timeline from the SCE Land Sale Website ( ) is included below for easy reference:

1st & 2nd quarter 2016
─ Complete property disposition map process with Clark County
─ Public Announcement of sale process
3rd & 4th quarter 2016
─ Conduct open sale
─ Co-owners approve sale
─ File for approval by governmental agencies
2nd quarter 2018
─ Obtain final co-owner and governmental approvals
3rd quarter 2018
─ Complete escrow and record sale transactions

Drone flight video and information provided by Robert Bilbray


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