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Nov 19, 2016

BumbleBerry Flats Revisited

Laughlin, Nevada
 Bumbleberry Flats restaurant in the Pioneer Casino
Until just this week we had not dined at Bumbleberry Flats in about 3 months.  In fact, we haven't been in since Chef Craig Pinkard left the establishment.   We finally decided to give it a try and see if anything had changed.  
Since it was late breakfast/early lunch there were not too many patrons.  We were seated promptly, service overall seemed as good as it has always been.  

The menu looked the same, there may be a few things missing that were previously served but we couldn't tell.  All the items we have tried since they opened appeared to still be there.  
Drinks are served (for the most part) in Mason Jar glasses.  Even the regular Bloody Mary comes in one (although smaller than the iced tea). 

We ordered the Steak and Eggs and the Crab Cake Benedict.  Both were still very good, although the may have been slightly smaller.  Not that this matters because portions are very big.  

The Benedict was very good except one edge of the biscuit was overcooked and very hard.  

The preserves they serve on the side for biscuits did not appear to be the good quality ones they used to have. They were runny, not thick like before, but still tasted fine.  These preserves had been also on sale before and we did not see any on display at the counter/checkout. 
We will most likely go back and try some of the items on the dinner or lunch menu in the future.  It will be interesting to see if they quality is as high as it was before.  
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