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Nov 3, 2016

Carve Deli at the Pioneer Casino

A Visit to the Carve Deli & Market - Review

The Carve Deli opened recently at the Pioneer Gambling Hall and Casino in Laughlin, NV.  After taking a walk on the Riverwalk one evening we stopped in to see what was on the menu.   

Cave is located right next to the Cashier in the space where the old snack bar used to be.   Just outside the door are a couple of tables and inside a few more plus a long booth. 

They even have a soft serve ice cream machine, similar to the old snack bar. 

We ended up ordering several sandwiches to go.  Their Deli meats are Boar's Head 

The sandwiches are made fresh to order and wrapped in old-style butcher paper.   Each one is served on a choice or bread. 

The Mesquite Beef Brisket ($9.50) 

The portion for the price seemed a bit small.  We were expecting a more overstuffed type of sandwich as seen in most delis.  The brisket was very good, high quality. The bread was very fresh, as were the rest of the toppings included. 

The Corned Beef Reuben on a Panini ($9.50) was slightly bigger and also very good quality.  The "sandwich artist" as they call the staff left the panini on the grill just a moment too long.  Otherwise it was a very good Reuben sandwich. 

The Classic Italian Sub ($9.50) was also good, but very small as well.   

The Carve Deli Menu (as of our visit...though we hear it is a work in progress) features both hot and cold Deli sandwiches ranging in price from $6.25 to $9.50 each.  

A Matzo Ball soup and Daily Soup is available ($4.95).   Chili, three types of Salads and various other prepared salads such as macaroni, potato, and pasta round out the menu. 

We could not resist including this promotional picture (below) the Pioneer used on their Facebook page to announce Carve was open.   It caused a small batch of commentary along the lines of "Use Gloves"!

We were pleased to see that they do use gloves (as expected)!   See picture below:

Overall Carve is a nice addition to the choices for a sandwich in Laughlin. There are several places to get a sandwich or subs in Laughlin such as two Subway locations, a Capriotti's* (Edgewater), the Big Easy Deli (Colorado Belle), The Deli (Golden Nugget), Poolside Cafe (Tropicana), Duet (Aquarius), Il Cortile (Mall Food Court) and even Mama's Pizza (Needles Hwy - Town Center).  For this reason Carve may have a challenge in getting enough of the market. It is very good but given the prices we are not sure how often a specific trip to get a sandwich there will happen.  But, for those staying or playing at the Pioneer it is a good alternative to BumbleBerry Flats.  

*Capriotti's won the Best Sub/Sandwich award in the 2016 Best of Laughlin Awards,  Perhaps Carve will become a competitor for next year! 

Carve Deil - Current Hours: 
Sun-Thurs (6 am-10 pm)
Fri-Sat (6 am-midnight)

We recommend giving them a try and see what you think.   

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