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Feb 15, 2017

Buzzers Wanted - Laughlin Buzz

Laughlin Buzz wants you!

We are looking for Volunteers who may be interested in becoming unofficial, "official" Contributing Buzzers.   

Unfortunately, sometimes we can't get out to all the various events, see everything, or participate in all that is going on in the area.  And we can only visit so many restaurants, hotels, or casinos in a month.  

If you like to write or share your photographs, we would love to have you contribute. 

This can include reviews or articles of restaurants, concerts, shows, casinos, hotels, events, sights, attractions, or just about anything related to Laughlin.  

Open to Everyone!
You don't have to be local resident either, visitors are welcome to share their experiences, trip reports, or just an article about your latest visit. 

As a volunteer, this contribution can be as often or as little as you wish.  Or even just 1 time!

Contact us here  or send us an email here.  Thank you!

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