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Feb 2, 2017

Southern Nevada Fishing Reports for February 2017 - Laughlin, NV

Laughlin, Nevada

February 2017 

Southern Nevada Fishing Reports 

Excerpts for Laughlin, NV area. Save this page,updates to be added when a new report comes out. 

Early Morning Fisherman on the Colorado River in Laughlin, Nevada 

Southern Nevada Fishing Report - February 22, 2017

Source: Nevada Dept. of Wildlife

Rainbow trout were stocked at Davis Camp and Bullhead City Community Park. The fish will hold in these areas for a couple of days before moving down stream. PowerBait and worms are enticing these fish. Work your bait in eddies and in the seams where fast water and slow water meet. Anchovies are catching striped bass near Davis Dam and Big Bend of the Colorado State Recreation Area. Anglers are having success from boat and shore.

Lake Mohave
Fishermen are catching stocked rainbow trout and striped bass out of Willow Beach. The Willow Beach Marina store posted weekend photographs of lucky anglers hoisting rainbow trout and large stripers. The line sides are taking swimbaits in trout patterns by Savage Gear, AC Plugs, Spro and others. Anglers also are using anchovies in the evenings and early mornings. For rainbow trout, try commercial baits such as PowerBait, natural baits such as worms and a variety of hardware. Panther Martins, Mepp’s spinners, Li’l Jakes and Super Dupers will catch trout. So too will flies.

Lake Mead
When windy conditions have eased up enough for anglers to get on the water, they have been rewarded with good fishing for striped bass in 40- to 50-foot depths. Grebes and other predatory aquatic birds have been the ticket for finding bait fish. Find the birds, find the bait and then find the fish. If shad or anchovies aren’t catching the fish try, a jigging spoon.

Southern Nevada Fishing Report - February 2, 2017
Source: Nevada Dept. of Wildlife

Stocked trout are making their way down the river from Davis Camp. The fish are taking rainbow-colored PowerBait. Three trout plants are slated for February. The marsh area around Big Bend has been good for catfish and striped bass. Be careful while you are out; look for water fluctuations and weather changes.

Lake Mohave
Striper action is good out of Willow Beach on the north end of the reservoir and near Davis Dam on the south. Anglers reportedly are catching striped bass in the 2- to 4-pound range. Anchovies generally are a productive striper bait, but shad and trout-imitating swimbaits also will catch these tasty fish. Personnel from the Willow Beach National Fish Hatchery plant trout every Friday at Willow Beach. As of Tuesday, the water elevation was at 643 feet.

Lake Mead
Fishing is good throughout the day. As daytime temperatures move toward 70 degrees, the action should move toward the mornings and evenings. The Las Vegas wash area remains good for stripers. The line sides are chasing shad. Look for black bass in pockets of vegetation near Callville Bay and Echo Bay. Night fishing will be more productive as the full moon starts to develop. As of Tuesday, the water level was at 1,086 feet.

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