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May 30, 2017

Laughlin Buzz - Facebook Group Photos from Memorial Day Weekend

Laughlin, Nevada 

Photos taken in the local Tri-State area over the Memorial Day Weekend

These were shared in the Laughlin Buzz Facebook Group 

There are dozens more, including video clips, from the events, fireworks, shows that took place. Drop by and join the group. 

Picture taken from a suite at Harrah's Laughlin - Photo by Cris Prez

Traffic Jam - Laughlin on Memorial Day Weekend  Photo by Debbie Hoffman
Memorial Day Weekend, Golden Valley, AZ - Photo by Katie Murphy-Wagner

Gasoline Alley - Photo by Michele Go 

Memorial Day Fireworks - Photo by Breanne Anderson

Fireworks at the Avi Casino - Photo by Beth Joda Cooke
Davis Camp - Bullhead City, AZ   Photo by Debbie Hoffman

Bullhead City, AZ - Photo by Vena Rubalcaba

Small World - Photo by Bob Bilbray

Best of Laughlin - 2017 Award Winners

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