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May 7, 2017

Laughlin River Run 2017 - Police Reports

Laughlin, Nevada 

The recently completed bike rally showed about the same number of arrests in Laughlin as last year.  

No major incidents were reported.  

In Bullhead City, arrests totals were about the same as in 2016 as well.  However, more accidents were reported than in 2016.  

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department reported the following during the event:
  • 3   Felony arrests
  • 21 Misdemeanor arrests
  • 2   Misdemeanor citations
  • 5   Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
  • 1   Single Vehicle Accident
Traffic Citations: 
  • 160 in Laughlin
  • 99  in Searchlight 

Just across the River, the Bullhead City Police Department reported:
  • 34 Arrests, including one DUI. 
  • 70 Citations, 4 of which were Narcotics related
  • 13 Accidents (10 non-injury, 2 injury related, and 1 fatality)


At the May 8th Laughlin Town Advisory Board meeting, Lt. Fagel, of the LVMPD Laughlin Substation gave a breakdown for Laughlin for the month of April, as well as for the recently completed River Run.

He said the event was very successful and there were no major incidents.  Because this year they focused on violence prevention, traffic citations were actually lower than prior years. 

5 DUI's 
24 arrests (3 felony and 21 misdeamanor)
2 misdemenor citations
160 traffic citations
1 single vehicle accident  

There were, as always, some 1% motorcycle club members at the event. However, Metro was quick to identify them and show enough presence to diffuse and discourage any problems or issues from happening. This was part of what he called the a de-escalating model.  This included having more interaction with the public and those stopped, instead of just handing out citations. 

Lt. Fagel complimented his entire staff, the community, the staff and security at the Casinos, and everyone who helped his department make sure the event safe, fun, and enjoyable for everyone who attended.  

Credits: Photo of police horses were shared in the Laughlin Buzz Facebook group and are credited there. Other photos were by Laughlin Buzz. Police Statistics source:  Mohave Daily News article here

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