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Jun 8, 2017

The Hop - Cafe Express Coming to Laughlin

Laughlin, Nevada

The Hop Cafe Express is expected to open on July 1st and have a Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting on July 5th at the Laughlin Outlet Center Food Court.   

According to their Facebook page (as or June 8, 2017); 

The Hop began in 1956 in Billings Montana and was purchased by The Klahn family in 1998. Originally this was a car hop drive-in with 24 drive up speakers and a dining room. The Hop Cafe Express will open in June in the Laughlin Outlet Mall as a limited location and the new bigger and better Hop will open in Searchlight later this year. Both locations will feature Woody Wagon Icy Treats authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice Cones, with 55 flavors to choose from.

Sneak peak at the menu (thanks to Debbie H. in the Laughlin Buzz Facebook Group)

If you read it quick like we did, you will miss the typos!  

Though, 'Severing Delicious Mouthwatering Food" is a unique opening statement. 

Cafe Express is expected to hold their Grand Opening on July 1st at the Laughlin Outlet Center Food Court. We wish this upcoming, new business the best of luck.  Watch for updates or more news as their opening date approaches.  

The Laughlin Outlet Center Food Court has had many tenants come and go over the past 5-6 years. Including, but not limited to, Orange Julius/Dairy Queen, McDonalds, Rice Garden, Burger Boys, Yogi's BBQ, Kappastrami's, and several versions of local Pizza and Mexican food attempts.

As of today the food court is starting to fill up again.  II Cortile (Italian), Wild West Coffee, The Brain Freeze, and La Piazza are currently open.  Once The Hop opens, that will only leave one spot unoccupied.  

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