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Aug 25, 2017

Dinner at Big Horn Café in the Laughlin River Lodge

Laughlin, Nevada

The Big Horn Café opened in early July at the Laughlin River Lodge, 
replacing a long time favorite spot, the Lodge Steakhouse

Big Horn Café - Picture by Laughlin Buzz
Big Horn Café in the Laughlin River Lodge

We had previously tried breakfast there and recently met a friend, Mark V., there for dinner.   
As we were browsing the menu, Kathie from our Facebook Laughlin Buzz Community stopped by to say hello and recommended the Hoover Dam Chicken.  This is listed on the menu as one of their specialties. 

The Hoover Dam Chicken turned out to be a very good recommendation and choice. The dish consists of two chicken breasts topped with onions, peppers and cheese over Yukon gold potatoes and vegetables.   

We also tried the Prime Rib, mostly because we always loved the Prime Rib when it was the Lodge Steakhouse and wanted to compare it. 

Big Horn Café - Picture by Laughlin Buzz
10 oz. Prime Rib Dinner at Big Horn Café 

The Prime Rib was good, seasoned well, and a very large portion.  Pictured is the 10oz. cut, ($17), which seemed to be much more than 10oz.  They also have a 12 oz. cut for $19.   Although we enjoyed it there was a difference between this one and the one previously served at the Lodge.  A vegetable medley was OK, but would of much preferred Asparagus as before.  

Dinner rolls are included with the meal.  You can add on a salad or cup of soup for $3. We did not.  Drinks (full bar) are available, as the popular Lounge area is also open. 

Big Horn Café view by Laughlin Buzz
Big Horn Café View

As always the view from the dining room is very nice.  Especially as the sun is setting. 

Service was fast, helpful and friendly.  Thank you to Paul, who has been there since our very first visit back when it was still owned by the River Palms. He always does a wonderful job.  

A Picture of the Dinner Menu Page at the Big Horn Café 

Big Horn Café - Picture from Laughlin Buzz
The prices are good, portions are large and the Big Horn Café is open 24 hours. 

We will most likely be back soon to try some of the other specialties listed on the menu.  If you visit or have visited, leave a comment about how you liked it or come share your experience in our FB Group here.   

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