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Jun 4, 2018

Laughlin Gaming Revenue up 8.66% - April 2018

Laughlin, NV

Nevada gaming numbers for April of 2018 show Laughlin gaming revenue was $46.6 million.  

This is an increase of 8.66% compared to the same period of April of 2017.   

The last weekend in April was also the annual Laughlin River Run bike rally.  Despite a smaller event this year, it appears to have had little effect on the gaming numbers for the month. 

Gaming Revenue was up Statewide in Nevada by 7.75%

The breakdown by area in Clark County was:
Las Vegas Strip              +5.08%

Downtown Las Vegas    +15.62%

North Las Vegas            +15.33%

Laughlin                         +8.66%

Boulder Strip                 +22.7%

Mesquite                        +4.03% 

Meanwhile, Laughlin visitor numbers were down 1.7% for the month of April 2018.   See all the visitor numbers here. 

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