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Jun 23, 2018

Megatoppers Pizza in Bullhead City, AZ

Laughlin, NV

*Review - MegaToppers in Bullhead City

We seldom order Pizza. When we do it is usually from somewhere in Laughlin. Like Mama's Pizzeria, or before they closed, La Piazza Pizza.

We had been looking forward to finally trying Aldape's Deli Pizza --- BUT when we called they had already closed.

Since we had a Megatoppers Menu and had heard so many good things about their pizza, we decided to give it a try. 

We ordered two pizzas and a couple orders of chicken wings.

The pizza was ok but it wasn't what we expected after reading the positive raves and reviews about it on Facebook.

 Pizza is a very subjective topic, everyone certainly has their own preferences and tastes, so this is just our opinion.

Less Toppings, More Sauce

Megatoppers lives up to their name with an overabundance of topping.  The toppings were good, unfortunately there should of been more sauce.

The crust was just ok too, but we wold of preferred a thinner, crisper crust. The outside of the crust of the pizza was very wide, too much so.

*Here is a one line summary of the Pizza (from everyone who had some when we ordered):

If you put it in a Pizza Hut Box I would believe it was from there.

Adequate yet unspectacular Pizza, better than Little Caesars or Dominos.

It's good Pizza, I like it.  I would get it again. 

It's good enough when you are hungry for Pizza.

Too many toppings and they overwhelm the slice, not enough sauce. 

The Chicken Wings were cooked well and better than the pizza.  We ordered mild but should of went with hot as there was very little heat to them.  Plus they were a bit pricey.  Two pizzas and a couple orders of wings ran us about $42.  Too high a price for the quality. 

We still haven't found a really great pizza in the area. At least not like we were used to in other places we lived.  It's all about the perfect crust, fresh toppings and a good sauce.  Maybe we are too picky!

Next time we will try Aldape's or the new Mario's Pizza in the mall.

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* This review is provided as information and entertainment purposes only.  The views contained herein are just our personal opinion based on our personal experience.  Your's may vary.  

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