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Sep 30, 2018

Pin Up Pizza at Harrah's Laughlin

Laughlin, Nevada

Harrah's Laughlin
Pin Up Pizza

Pin Up Pizza in Harrah's Laughlin opened a while ago.  We had tried the original location at Planet Hollywood on the Vegas Strip before.

The Pizza is very good, with a nice crust and sauce. The New York Style slices are huge.  At a price point of upwards of $7 a slice the size makes it worth it.  Toppings were a bit sparse.

Remote control is for size illustration only and is
not edible and does not come with the slice.  :-) 
 The Laughlin location does not have as many varieties of slices that we remember from the Vegas location. Or the ones listed on their website.  It is a limited menu.   Probably due to having less traffic and to eliminate waste of cooking multiple types of Pizza.

Harrah's Laughlin needs to update their website page about the Pizza too, it reflects the same information from the Vegas location.

There were no Rockabilly Pin-Up Servers, but then again this is Laughlin!  As mentioned, there were not seven varieties of Pizza either.  And we have to wonder if the chefs really fly in the dough from Italy, and the cheese from New York for the Laughlin location.  Maybe they do.

The graphic above taken on (9/30/18) from:

You can also order full pizzas, 14 inch size or the huge one that they make to cut the slices.  

The Pizza is still a good deal at the price.    Pin Up Pizza is located near Smashburger in the row of food court style places at Harrah's Laughlin. 

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