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Apr 5, 2019

How Tight are the Slots in Laughlin?

Laughlin, NV


The latest data shows slot hold percentages in Laughlin rank #2 just behind the Vegas Strip

In the past, Laughlin has been considered an inexpensive gambling destination.  Statistics are showing that slots are trending toward average higher holds (tighter). 

A recent publication on 3-28-2919 by the UNLV Center for Gaming Research reported slot hold percentages of the eleven largest (by revenue) reporting areas in Nevada.

The Las Vegas Strip has a significantly higher hold than other reporting areas.    Laughlin is ranked second. 

For the period 2004-2019 the Las Vegas Strip slot hold (average) was 7.35%.

Laughlin was just behind them at an average of 7.13%

For 2018 Laughlin had an average hold percentage of 7.82% 

So far, in 2019, Laughlin's hold percentage is up to 8.16%

Slot hold is the average slot hold percentage (or win percentage) for the period in question as released by the Nevada Gaming Control Board in its Gaming Revenue Reports.

This is basically the amount the Casino takes as their gaming revenue on the slots.   A higher hold percentage means less payout to players (over time).

The report from UNLV also shows the slot hold percentage by month.  

Again, Laughlin is just behind the Vegas Strip with the highest percentage. 

See all the percentages from the source document link below. 
All graphs included above are taken from this source:

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