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Apr 4, 2019

Laughlin Gaming Revenue Down for February (2019)

Laughlin, Nevada


Gaming Revenue (Win) Reports for February 2019 

Laughlin Casinos gaming revenue was down -0.68% in February 

(compared to February of 2018).  

Meanwhile, gaming revenue for the state as a whole was down -0.62%, 

as was gaming revenue for the Las Vegas Strip (down -1.95%)

Breakdowns by area:

Las Vegas Strip            down   1.95% 

Downtown Las Vegas up       9.00%
North Las Vegas           down   5.25%
Boulder Strip                 up       2.36%    (includes Casinos in Henderson) 
Laughlin                      down   0.68%  
Mesquite                       up       7.02%

Laughlin gaming revenue for Feb. 2019 $44,807,820 compared to Feb. 2018 $45,116,836


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