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Apr 27, 2021

Laughlin Casino Gaming Revenue (Win) Rebounds

 Laughlin, NV   

Laughlin Casino gaming revenue, as reported by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, was up 55.80% for the month of March 2021 compared to March of 2020.   

The statewide pandemic shutdown of Casinos in mid March of 2020 were part of the reason for the high positive increases shown this month.  

Laughlin gaming win in March 2021:  $47,749,935 
Laughlin gaming win in March 2020:  $30,648,628  (through March 17, midnight)

The March 2021 number is significant because despite still being under restrictions the gaming win of $47,749,935 is a significant rebound and is only ‐3.7% lower than March of 2019, $49,603,923, when there was no pandemic.    

Statewide gaming revenue crossed the billion dollar threshold for the first time since February of 2020, at $1,066,979,987

Laughlin Gaming Revenue by month. 

2021 Data:
January      -27.58%
February    -30.81%
March         +55.08%

2020 Data:
January     +0.88%
February    +5.84%
March        -38.2%      (Casinos Closed March 15th)
April          -100.03%  (Casinos Closed all month)
May           -100.03%   (Casinos Closed all month)
June           -14.61%     (Casinos opened June 4th)
July            -16.95%     
August       -9.44%
Sept.          -2.68%
October     -13.27%
November -18.97%
December  -19.59%

Source of data and graphic:  Nevada Gaming Control Board,

Blue Lagoon Lounge located at the Bay Shore Inn


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