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Apr 28, 2021

Laughlin Visitor Counts for March 2021

LVCVA statistics show March 2021 visitor counts to Laughlin rebound to 111,300 when compared to just 89,100 in February. 

With travel reduced last March due to the pandemic shutdown, year‐over‐year comparisons show a 40% increase while a comparison to pre‐COVID-19 2019 numbers shows visitation down ‐35.9% from March 2019.  

Hotel occupancy in March was up to 52%, from 46.1% in February.   

The Average Daily Room Rate (ADR) in March decreased -6.8% compared to February but the important metric, RevPAR increased 5.2% compared to February.  

When comparing to March 2021 visitor counts to the last pre-pandemic period in March of 2019 the numbers do not look as good.   The recovery is happening but visitor counts in March were still substantially below 2019 levels. 

Source:  LVCVA.Com 

Comparison of March Visitor Counts

March 2021         111,300 

March 2020*            79,500  +40.0%

March 2019            173,500 ‐35.9% 


Comparison of March Year to Date (Jan-Mar) visitor counts:

2021 283,000 

2020* 355,400   -20.4%

2019 457,300 ‐38.1%

*Casinos were closed in Mid-March of 2020

Laughlin/Bullhead City Airport Passengers 

March  2021    8,708   

March 2020*  14,584     ‐40.3% 

March 2019    26,819     -67.5% 

There was a 31.8% increase in passengers in March compared to February of 2021

March 8,708         February 6,609  

Comparison of Year to Date (Jan-Mar) Passengers

2020 YTD 21,452 

2020 YTD   64,832 ‐66.9%

2019  YTD  70,138  ‐69.4%

Gaming Revenue in March 2020 rebounded to be within 3.5% or the gaming revenue of March of 2019. Read more here.

With more pandemic restrictions being eased it will be interesting to see what the April Visitor Numbers look like.  

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