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May 5, 2013

A visit to the Food Court at the Laughlin Mall

Laughlin, Nevada

Laughlin Outlet Mall on Casino Drive

Update:  Laughlin Mall Sold.  New Owners, New Name.  See Press Release Here

The past two years has obviously been tough times for businesses trying to stay open in the Food Court at the mall in Laughlin.  In less than the last two years McDonald's, Dairy Queen and Orange Julius closed.  So did a Pizza place, which then reopened and closed again.

** Update (May 2014) - the Pizza location is open again, as Mia's Pizza see details here.

The Rice Garden seems to be the longest lasting place and the only other one currently open is Kappastrami.

Food is sparse in the Food Court.  4 of the 6 spots are vacant.

Food Court at the Laughlin Outlet Mall

Kappastrami in the Food Court at the Laughlin Outlet Mall

Ever since they opened we have heard good things about Kappastrami.  We went in expecting a very good Pastrami sandwich and were very disappointed.  Even from the first bite it was clear the Pastrami wasn't going to be a favorite.  It lacked any flavor and was dry.  We like our Pastrami lean and this had some chewy fat.  The bun was only semi-fresh and it was smothered in way too much mustard.  The pickles did nothing for the taste either.  We also tried one of their Burgers and the Chicago Hot Dog.   They have several varieties to choose from.  We could see them preparing the burger by taking it out (apparently partially pre-cooked) and putting it in some sort of griddle/heater.   The end result was very unappealing to look at. A grayish mound of meat and this is a kind description. We thought we took a photo of it but don't seem to be able to find it.  The bun was also dry. The fire ketchup was the best part of it.   The Chicago Hot Dog was big, juicy and flavorful.  However, it is nothing different than you can get from any other hot dog vendor that sells them.  Fries were decent, served to us with virtually no salt on them though.  Prices are higher than a typical fast food food court place.  This would be fine if the quality was too.   We normally aren't so critical about a restaurant or meal but this really was poor.  They have a pretty good menu for a food court location.  Unfortunately the food is not up to par.  Apparently there is another location in Bullhead City. The one they had put in next to Walmart has closed.    We may have to try the Hut in Bullhead City as another place to find good Pastrami.

They also serve lemonade.  This looked really good but we didn't try it.  In addition they offer ice cream too.  Since Dairy Queen closed this is something you can only get at the mall at Kappastrami or upstairs at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

Rice Garden in the Food Court at the Laughlin Mall

Rice Garden
Rice Garden remains open in the Food Court, despite the one that was at the Riverside closing (and changing to a FatBurger last year).  The fast food Chinese is typical mall food court Chinese.  In our opinion the quality, freshness and selection is lower than at Panda Express (across the street in the Aquarius Casino).    Half the bins usually only have a small amount of items that appear to be there longer than you would like. It depends on the time of day when you visit.  Go when it will be busier at meal times and you are more likely to find fresher choices.  Often you can get a coupon for a 2 for 1 entree, which is a good value.

As you can see the food court is usually not very busy for people eating.  Most people who are there are sitting using the Free WiFi.  We have heard rumors of other places opening but nothing definite.

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