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May 7, 2013

Laughlin Labyrinth

Who would of ever thought a series of Labyrinths would be located in Laughlin, Nevada?  Turns out there are four* of them.  One afternoon when it was a bit cloudy and cooler we took a short hike up to the site of the Laughlin Labyrinths.    
*Update 1-26-15   Now there are 7 or 8 Labyrinths  

The Top of Hill in Front of the first Labyrinth

Laughlin Energetic Labyrinth

Benches located near the Energetic Labyrinth

Destiny Labyrinth

Spiral Labyrinth

There is a fourth Labyrinth located a bit further down another path.  We will see that one on our next visit.     In addition to the energy and peace of the Labyrinths, one also gets a good view of several of the Casinos and the mountains from the top. 

Casino in the distance on Casino Drive

Tropicana Laughlin over the other hill

The Golden Nugget Laughlin just down the hill.

The Labyrinths are really easy to find and only a short walk.    

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