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May 29, 2013

Dining Choices at the Edgewater in Laughlin

Dining at the Edgewater Casino

Laughlin, Nevada

** Updated 10-26-2013 - two restaurants have closed, see below. 

The Edgewater and Colorado Belle Casinos are located next to each other in Laughlin.  Both of these properties are under the same ownership.  Each one has their own Players (Access Card), however, you can use either card at the restaurants in either Casino that accept them.  For some odd reason they still track your play/gaming and give out comps separately. 

Dining options at the Edgewater include a steakhouse, three fast food choices, a coffee shop (no seating), a yogurt place, a diner, and the buffet.

Hickory Pit Steakhouse

This is the most expensive (and would be considered the most upscale choice) at the Edgewater. Prices have risen lately and in our opinion the service and quality has dropped.  They do have a Surf and Turf special every night from 4-6PM for $19.99 (at the time of this posting).  

Coco's Restaurant

This is the Laughlin version of a chain diner/bakery type place.  Desserts are the best items you can try here. Their signature salads are good as well.  Breakfasts are alright, they do have various specials seasonally. Keep an eye out, often you can find coupons in the local Laughlin Times newspaper that is published every Wednesday and distributed for free.  Open 24 hours. 

The Grand Buffet

While we try not to disparage any restaurant too much, the Grand Buffet is at this time the worst Buffet on the River in Laughlin.  It is located on the lower level but way in the back.

The best part of the buffet is the staff.  Unlike most of the places in the Edgewater the staff here seems to go above and beyond to be friendly and helpful.  Perhaps this is to compensate for the very poor food, quality, and atmosphere and messy look of the stations.   Prices have risen in the past two years as well.  At one point they were offering discount buffets on Monday and Wednesday but it appears that promotion has stopped.   Their prices are still lower than most of the other Buffets in Laughlin.  This is one case where you get what you pay for truly does apply.  If you insist on trying this buffet, the best bet is breakfast.  Go early when it might be the freshest.   Oddly enough at times the lines are long to get in, mostly due to the low price.

The Hickory Pit Steakhouse, Coco's and the Grand Buffet are all located just steps off the Laughlin Riverwalk on the lower level of the Edgewater Casino.  In a non-slot machine or gambling area.  

Fast Food 

Upstairs on the Casino floor there is a McDonalds, Nathan's Hotdogs, and a Sbarro.

**as of the end of October, the Nathans and Sbarro have closed and the space is under construction with a Capriotti's coming in December 2013


The McDonalds is usually quite busy, with limited seating and normally not very well maintained.  Often you will find messy tables and booths. Staff the few times we stopped there are not very well trained, nor very friendly.    

The Nathan's has the standard hot dog fare plus other items like Chicken Fingers.  This is ok for a quick bite.  Often there is a special on regular hot dogs.  

closed, no longer available

Sbarro is good for a quick slice of pretty good Pizza.  You can also get pizza to go like the Summer Special. This is a large cheese pizza for just $9.99.  They offer this year round not just in the summer.  The sign is even up in the winter.   Beware though if you want to add other toppings to your Pizza the price jump high.  Something like 16 or 17 dollars for adding Pepperoni.   They also have salads and pasta dishes.  

Nathan's and Sbarro share a small seating area right on the Casino floor.  Again, they should clean up the area and tables faster and better. 

Coffee Etc.  and Yogurt-a-Go-Go

On the opposite end of the Casino floor from Sbarro there is a hallway leading back toward the pool.  At the end of the hall you will find the gift shop, small arcade, and Coffee Etc and Yogurt A Go Go.

Coffee Etc....serves treats and even has cocktails.  This is just a small space with a couple display cases, no seating.  

You can go back down the hallway and there are some chairs there with TV's. (right in the hall).  Best known for their sweet stuff and Krispy Kreme donuts.  Get there early, sometimes they sell out fast. 

Yogurt A Go Go is the newest place in the Edgewater.  

The Dairy Queen they formerly had closed and this is apparently their substitute.   Located right next to Coffee Etc, it is a self serve yogurt area with a few flavors.   Twice now when we were there at least one of the machines was out of order.  Pricing is 40 cents a ounce.  

Except for a quick slice or hot dog we don't currently recommend too much of the dining choices at the Edgewater.  Dark, dingy, low quality and in need of cleaning comes to mind right away.  Plus the customer service and hospitality is very lacking at all the places.  Hopefully in the future the Edgewater will up their game and improve on this.  Until then we will put our dining out dollars (and gaming dollars) elsewhere.

 Looking for other options near the Edgewater?

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