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Jun 6, 2013

New at the Colorado Belle and Edgewater in Laughlin

Laughlin, Nevada

Colorado Belle and Edgewater Casino Resorts

Much needed room remodels of both properties are due to be completed by the end of June.

At the Colorado Belle, the gift shop located on the second floor (or deck as they like to call it) is in the process of being moved to the Casino Floor.  Oddly enough they chose to place it right next to the windows overlooking the River.  Right next to the Chill Bar.

New Gift Shop Location is almost done - first week of June 2013

This has been in the process since mid-April and by the looks of things should be completed any time now.  Given that there is very little left on the upper deck this should increase traffic in their gift shop.  In fact, when this move is completed the only things remaining on the upper deck will be the Captain's Buffet and Mark Twain's Restaurant.  Plus the kids arcade.   This is a shame because it is a very nice space.  

Update on 6/9  - New Gift Shop location is open, the one on the Upper Deck is closed.

New Live Entertainment "Lounge" at the Colorado Belle Casino
In addition, at the Colorado Belle, they are putting in a small venue offering free live entertainment.  This is is being situated on the Casino floor as well.   There appears to be a stage for the entertainment and space for tables and chairs.  This small lounge will be next to the River Bar and is expected to have seating for about 50 guests. 

Update on 6/9  Looks like they added a uber-tiny dance floor - see pic below.  Enough for three couples?

At the Edgewater, the William Hill Sports Book is wrapping up another much needed remodel of their facility.  Gone will be the old, tiny, 80's era monitors, dirty carpeting and crowded seating.   We expect new high tech screens, better viewing and with any luck some much improved customer service. This project is also due to be completed in mid June.

Places to eat at the Colorado Belle?

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  1. when I discovered you had a link back to me I added your website to my list of links. thanks, you are doing a great job. the rat

  2. thanks. love the raw honesty and tell it like it is of your blog.

  3. I was in that place years ago, thought it was pretty nice. Went to a Boxcar Willie show there but don't recall what casino it was in.