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Dec 27, 2013

A Visit to the Edgewater Casino

Edgewater Hotel and Casino 
Laughlin, Nevada
December 27, 2013

The Edgewater is looking better but still has a ways to go.

We are always happy to see improvements in the quality, look, and atmosphere and love to give credit when it is due.   In the past we have shared our lack of enthusiasm for the Edgewater Casino restaurants and Casino Floor.   Over the past year this has improved significantly.  First, in the spring was the remodel of the William Hill Sports Book.  This is now by far the nicest sportsbook in Laughlin.   Recently, the opening of Capriotti's Sandwich shop in the area right next to the sports book made this even better.  They tore down the walls and created a seamless space with the non-smoking slot machines in between the two areas.  Capriotti's is a huge improvement to the restaurant choices.  It replaced Sbarro and Nathan's Famous, both which were ok but had the look of a dirty, dingy food court.   With any luck they will keep the area clean and nice looking.

The Edgewater also opened up the Casino floor space more by reconfiguring the way the slot machines are placed.  Now many of them are in circles, creating more space and a nicer, more open look.  We were pleased to see that the place also looks substantially cleaner, especially on the side where the sportsbook is.

The other (bigger) section of the Casino floor was also reconfigured and looks nicer as well.   The exception is still the McDonalds which remains dirty looking and has terrible service.   As we have never stayed at the hotel itself, we do not know if the new, refurbished rooms are satisfactory.  Given the many complaints we have heard in the past they certainly must be an improvement.

 A trip and visit to the two restaurants on the lower level is in order for us sometime in the first quarter of 2014.  The last two visits to Coco's and the Hickory Pit were disappointing, highlighted by terrible service as well.  As far as the Buffet, we have sworn never to venture to it again.  Our experiences have been poor there.

Ok, this isn't the Grand Buffet but......

The old adage, you-get-what-you-pay-for doesn't even apply.  The Grand Buffet remains one of the cheapest on the river for good reason.  Perhaps at some point they will take a look at the quality they provide and make improvements at the Buffet as well.

The Edgewater and Colorado Belle are both owned by the same company, who is also putting in the New Laughlin Event Center and a new restaurant in the Colorado Belle called the Loading Dock Bar and Grille.

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