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Dec 28, 2013

A visit to the River Palms Casino

We made a rare visit to the River Palms Casino in Laughlin last week.   They are still open and operating after the near sale to M1 Gaming fell through earlier this year.   A walk through the Casino floor makes one wonder what the future will bring.   There are less and less slot machines on the already sparsely populated floor.   Now they have taken the very few table games that were in their own section and instead put a BlackJack Table, a Craps Table and a Roulette table over near the center of the floor.  More downsizing.  The area where the table games used to be had chairs and tables set up (for what reason?).


There were a handful of people playing the machines and the table games were not even open.  We don't recall being in a Casino in recent memory where there were no table games operating.


Given the very cheap room rates available and the what would appear to be a lack of significant gaming revenue...we have to wonder what the future of the River Palms will be.

The restaurants are still open, at least some of the time.  Denny's is 24 hours, the Lodge is open on the weekends, and the Buffet seems to be open sporadically.

The Riverwalk portion by the River Palms is still very nice.   See pictures here.   Until you get past their property to where the big Monkey statues are.  Then it deteriorates quickly.

While we are losing hope for a new, improved, River Palms...over at the Edgewater Casino things are looking up a bit.   Read more about our latest visit to the Edgewater.

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